Guest visa to Ukraine in 2019 and the process of registration

21.05.2019, 11:05
Guest visa to Ukraine in 2019 and the process of registration
Guest visa to Ukraine 2019 - special permission to cross the Ukrainian border, issued to foreigners by diplomatic services on the basis of the required set of documents. Those who wish to receive this sanction have recently become much more, therefore the process of its execution is gaining popularity and has become topical.
The process of registration
Registration of the guest visa to Ukraine includes several simple steps. The process itself is not complicated, however, if there is no time or desire for this, you can contact private visa companies like ours. Working not the first year in the market of providing visa services, our managers will advise, help with all the papers and prepare for the interview.
So, the first step in the design of a guest-type visa for traveling to Ukraine is the preparation of the necessary papers, the list of which is determined by Ukrainian legislation.
The next step is to submit them to the relevant legal services, which have received the right to issue such entry permits to foreigners. These include consulates, embassies or other diplomatic, migration authorities.
The third stage is making payments for consular and visa services.
Well, the last stage - waiting for the result. As a rule, it is positive. If the documents are well prepared, true information is provided, then a visa is issued. If there are doubts in the case, the Ukrainian consul has the right to refuse. Everything is solved and considered individually. Therefore, it is important to approach this matter responsibly.
Required papers for guest visa
The most important document for obtaining this type of visa is a guest invitation. It is a kind of proof of the purpose of the trip and is sent to a foreign applicant from Ukraine, namely from the receiving party. The visa itself assumes that the foreigner plans to go on a visit to Ukrainian citizens or his acquaintances, who do not have Ukrainian citizenship, but received a residence permit there (temporary or permanent - it does not matter).
Guest visa to Ukraine by invitation is also issued on the basis of such papers:
1. Questionnaires, where preliminary information is submitted concerning the future trip. It can be completed both by hand and online.
2. Insurance policy. A company that provides insurance services must be accredited with the Ukrainian embassy.
3. Passport for travel abroad. It must be clean, neat and with free pages (at least two are needed for visas and stamps that will be placed on the border).
This list can be continued, because everything is individual. Quite often, foreigners give documents from the bank about the status of their account. This is a kind of proof that they can cover the costs during a guest visit to Ukraine. Well, or provide documents on the sponsorship, which will provide the immediate side. Well, you can still provide evidence of family ties with those to whom foreign nationals go and that they bother about opening a visa. This may be a certificate of marriage, birth, and the like.
The cost of a guest visa and the date of issue
The price of a guest visa to Ukraine is determined in accordance with the following factors:
1. The number of possible entries.
2. The speed of receipt.
A multiple-entry visa will cost the most, because it provides its owner with a big advantage - it will be possible to cross the border often. A bit cheaper is a double-entry visa. Well, it will be cheaper for a foreign applicant to receive a one-time visa, however, it is designed only for one trip, then it will be necessary to again prepare documents and contact diplomatic services.
As for the speed of registration, everything is simple - if you need to get an entry permit in a short time, then you will have to pay more. For example, the express will cost twice as much as the usual consideration.
Well and not a small role is played by process of preparation of papers. If a foreigner himself is engaged in this, then the money will take less, but more time. If you seek help from private visa firms like ours, you will have to pay for their services.

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