How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine and how to pay

20.05.2019, 17:05
How much is a tourist visa to Ukraine and how to pay
How much does a tourist visa to Ukraine cost? And how to pay correctly - one of the most pressing issues among foreign tourists who are planning to go on holiday to Ukrainian resorts in the near future. This applies only to those foreigners who need to first apply for a permit in order to cross the Ukrainian border, in simple words - for a visa.
Features of registration of a tourist visa
Ukrainian tourist visa is the most popular type of visa sanctions among foreign citizens. This popularity is due to the simplicity of design. Yes, and mostly foreigners are applying for a tourist visa, just to enter Ukraine. Then they apply for a residence permit, remain in this country for a long time. By the way, a tourist visa to Ukraine is also interesting for those foreigners who are planning to marry with Ukrainians or Ukrainians.
Why is it easier to get it all? So, the key document for obtaining a tourist type of visa is a voucher, and it is very easy to make it. The process of registration of such a visa takes a little time. And with the help of our company, everything will go pretty quickly.
So, a travel voucher is a kind of invitation for a visa. For the manufacture of a guest, business or even a work visa you need the same document, that is, an invitation, which, as a rule, sends the inviting party (employer, acquaintance or just a business partner from Ukraine). And in the case of tourism - there is no receiving party. That is, a foreigner himself goes on vacation, no need to look for someone in Ukraine to receive an invitation. That is why registration of a tourist visa is considered not a very complicated process.
A tourist voucher is a list of tourist services that a foreigner will use during his stay in Ukraine.
It is made, as a rule, in triplicate. Why so much? One of them is needed for applying for a visa, the second - a foreign tourist takes with him to Ukraine, and another one is kept just in case in a travel company that made it.
By the way, such firms specialize in the manufacture of this document. You can also contact our visa companies. We specialize in preparing documents for processing Ukrainian visas of any type, including tourist ones.
Determination of the cost of a visa
Registration of a visa to Ukraine for foreigners - a process that, in addition to documents, requires financial expenses. In particular, all foreign applicants also pay for the services of a consular office.
The cost of a tourist visa to Ukraine is determined by Ukrainian legislation in the field of international relations and depends on several factors:
1. Categories of visa sanctions.
2. The speed of registration.
3. The complexity of the situation.
If we talk about the last point, then everything is individual. You can prepare documents for applying for a tourist visa yourself or use the services of private companies like ours (in this case you will have to pay for their services). That is, the more documents you need, the more complex the situation, the more you have to spend.
As for the speed of registration, it is also quite simple - if you need to leave in the near future and receive a visa in a short time, you will also have to pay more (double the size of the consular fee).
Well, the most important factor in determining the price of a tourist visa to Ukraine is its category. For example, a tourist visa can be divided into the following types:
1. Multiple, which is the most expensive, however, it makes it possible to cross the border quite often.
2. Double, which is slightly cheaper than the previous one, but there are limitations in the number of entries.
3. Disposable - the cheapest, but designed for only one trip.
By the way, pay the consular fee in US dollars. Do it on the day of filing or before, it all depends on the internal rules of the diplomatic body, where the foreigner will apply.
And another important point - when receiving a refusal, all funds that were spent during the paperwork, visas, are not returned. Therefore, it is important to provide truthful information.

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