How to issue an invitation to Ukraine and all documents, what is needed for this

01.07.2018, 15:07
How to issue an invitation to Ukraine and all documents, what is needed for this

How to issue an invitation to Ukraine and the necessary paper for this, payments are topical and important problems that always arise on the way to getting foreign citizens a Ukrainian visa.

Why is this invitation so important? Its presence is mandatory in the package of documents for obtaining one of the types of the Ukrainian visa. It appears as a confirmation of the purpose of the trip of foreigners, justifies the need for these people to come to Ukraine and explains the intentions of Ukrainian citizens regarding their desire to invite representatives of other countries.


Payment for the invitation and the period of its issuance

According to the migration legislation of Ukraine for the manufacture of any type of invitation, it is necessary to pay a state fee, the amount of which is fixed and clearly prescribed. But there is one exception - this is a tourist invitation, because its design does not happen through travel agencies. That is, the tourist voucher does not need to contact the government services. Therefore, the period of its registration is shortened.

If, for example, it takes about three weeks to make a working invitation, business or guest. That is already on the design of the tourist does not need more than a few days. That's right, its manufacture does not require a preliminary check in the Migration Service.

Based on these factors, you can determine one of the most popular types of invitations - the tourist.


Everything you need for an invitation

First of all it is worth talking about the tourist invitation. For its manufacture, you must provide only a passport. These data are usually used to book tickets for transport or places of residence in Ukraine.

All other types are made on the basis of a certain package of documents:

1. Applications.

2. Identity card of the applicant.

3. Passport data of a foreign resident, who should apply for this invitation.

4. Information from the bank, which should act as confirmation of the financial solvency of the Ukrainian side to cover the expenses of the foreign guest.


Stages of registration

The invitation is formalized in several simple steps:

1. Identify the type of invitation that is required for submission.

2. Selection of the company through which documents will be prepared.

3. Prepare these documents depending on the type of invitation.

4. Submission of them to the Migration Service, other government agencies or private entities by type of travel agency.

5. Payment for services of all services that put their hand to the formulation of this invitation.

6. Receiving the result at the appointed time. As a rule, an employee of either a public service or a private firm tells the date on which the applicant is oriented.

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