How to quickly make a guest visa to Ukraine

26.03.2019, 11:03
How to quickly make a guest visa to Ukraine
How to make a guest visa to Ukraine is a topical and popular question among foreign citizens that they are planning to travel to Ukrainian territory in the near future for the very purpose of visiting close people, acquaintances, relatives. After all, this sanction is mandatory for citizens of a number of foreign countries for their free crossing of the Ukrainian border.
The process of registration
Registration of a guest visa to Ukraine is a process that takes from several days to a month; everything here depends on the situation and the complexity of the work. It includes many stages, among which one can single out the preparation of documents, their submission to the necessary consular institutions and the receipt of the result. The processing of data at the Consulate also takes some time.
Therefore, it is recommended that you do not pull up to the last one and issue yourself permission to cross the border with a guest goal in advance, so as not to have problems and not to pay later for a rather expensive consideration.
Required papers
Any Ukrainian visa, and a guest visa is not an exception, is issued only on the basis of a certain set of documents, including the following items:
1. The application form, which indicates the basic data of the applicant, the receiving party and other information relating to the guest trip to Ukraine.
2. Photographs of the passport format that are relevant, that is, taken shortly before the filing of papers. They should be colored.
3. Medical insurance for traveling abroad, including the territory of Ukraine, and the entire guest trip is valid.
4. Foreign passport document, where there are at least two free pages for visa sticker and, accordingly, stamps on entry / exit. He must be neat, clean, act, and after returning home from Ukraine.
5. Guest invitation from the host country in Ukraine.
6. Other additional papers that may be submitted at the request of the most foreign applicant, or even by the requirement of the Ukrainian consul. Among them may be evidence of family ties, and documents on the availability of funds for the trip (own or sponsorship, etc.).
Guest Visa Invitation
How to issue a guest visa to Ukraine will prompt you in a private visa companies like ours. There you can get reliable advice, assistance in the preparation of documents, and most importantly - make a quick invitation for a guest visa.
Any visa authorization is made on the basis of a specific type of invitation. Here the category depends on the purpose of the trip. Well, for a guest visa you need a private invitation, that is, to visit.
It is usually sent by the receiving party from Ukraine, so that the foreigner has the opportunity to issue a visa for himself and, accordingly, came to visit them.
The cost of a guest visa and the date of issue
Guest visa to Ukraine by invitation is made up to ten days. The consul has the right to keep documents longer if it is necessary to study the case in detail. In some cases, this may take two, three weeks. All individually.
If a foreign applicant needs an urgent entry permit, then you can ask for express delivery. Such consideration takes three to four days. But there must be some basis for urgent issuance, for example, transport tickets and the like.
The cost of a visa to visit is 65 US dollars. This amount is fixed and cannot be changed, unless other points are provided for by international agreements between Ukraine and the country of residence of the foreign applicant. By the way, in the case of an urgent case, you will have to pay twice as much.
In the case of paperwork through private visa companies do not forget that you have to pay for their services. There the amount depends on the complexity of work, tariffs for the services of the company itself.
Another important point that all foreign applicants should know before starting the process of registration is that all money invested by them and spent on a visa will not be returned in case of refusal. That's right, the Ukrainian Embassy can give a positive decision on a visa permit, or it can refuse, if there are doubts about the veracity of the intentions of a foreign citizen.

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