How to quickly make an electronic visa to Ukraine

09.07.2019, 12:07
How to quickly make an electronic visa to Ukraine

Make an electronic visa to Ukraine want a lot of foreigners. The procedure for issuing this sanction has become popular among the citizens of those countries with which Ukraine has signed an agreement on a visa regime. Of course, you can also apply for a visa sticker by first contacting one of the diplomatic bodies, but the e-visa allows you to save time.

What is an electronic visa

Electronic visa to Ukraine for foreigners - permission to cross the Ukrainian border, which is issued remotely and issued online. It has legal force and allows its owner to freely cross the Ukrainian border.
Its peculiarity is that it is issued only for a one-time trip for a period of not more than thirty days. This is an ideal option for those foreign nationals who do not plan to be in Ukraine for a long time and want to make an entry in a short time.
Why is it coming soon? The fact is that registration of an e-visa to Ukraine takes not so much time as a visa sticker, which is made at the Embassy. The answer about issuing a permit comes just a day after filing the application, whereas a paper visa from diplomatic agencies will have to wait from several days to two weeks, because it takes so much time for consular officers to make a decision on a particular foreigner’s case.
As is already clear, e-visa has both advantages and its disadvantages. Although it is difficult to call these shortcomings, it is just a feature that you should be aware of before starting the paperwork.

Electronic Visa Procedure

The process of issuing an e-Ukrainian visa begins with an Internet connection. Since everything is done remotely, that is, online, then the applicant must have access to the network and scanner. All this equipment is needed to fill out a form, scan all documents and send them to a specific email.
If a foreign applicant, who wants to get an e-visa, does not have such an opportunity, our company is ready to help with everything. We will provide advice, determine priorities and help in solving a particular case.

The first step in obtaining an e-visa is to fill out a visa application form on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The data should be entered correctly, provide only true information, because all this will be checked by state migration authorities and influence the decision to issue or refuse a visa.
The next step is to scan all the necessary documents, the list of which is set depending on the purpose of the trip. The third stage is the payment of consular services. The receipt should be transferred along with the documents. By the way, you need to pay with a bank card, so you should take care of the availability of funds in the account. The cost of e-visa to Ukraine for all foreigners, despite the purpose of the trip, is 80 US dollars, which is much cheaper than a visa sticker, even for a one-time trip. The financial side is also a significant advantage of this sanction, so it is not surprising that it is so popular among applicants who are planning to travel to Ukrainian territory.
Well, the last stage - waiting for the result. If everything is in order with the documents, then the answer comes in a day by e-mail. Electronic visa after that should be printed out and presented at the entrance together with a passport, which must be valid at the time of the trip and even after returning to his home country.

Required papers for e-visa

How to make an electronic visa to Ukraine is already clear, the main thing is to prepare the papers and send them to the Foreign Ministry web platform. If problems arise, we are ready to help with their solution.

As for a more detailed list of documents, it all depends on the purpose of the trip. It is necessary to provide:

1. Invitation of the appropriate type, for example, tourist, guest, business.
2. Medical insurance policy.
3. Valid passport.
4. Photograph.
5. Other papers, for example, certificates from the bank on the state of the current account, confirmation of family ties with citizens of Ukraine, etc. (everything depends on the desire of the applicant).


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