How to issue an invitation in Ukraine for a visa

27.04.2019, 00:04
How to issue an invitation in Ukraine for a visa
You can issue an invitation to a foreigner to Ukraine only on the basis of a specific set of documents in the relevant authorities, which have the right to issue such sanctions in accordance with Ukrainian migration legislation. This can be done with the help of our company, because we are always ready to provide qualified advice and prepare everything for submission.
What is the invitation for?
Ukraine, after gaining independence, signed an agreement with a number of foreign countries on the establishment of a visa regime, which means that their residents should first issue a special entry permit in order to simply enter the Ukrainian territory.
It is possible to issue such a sanction in diplomatic institutions, in particular, the Consulate, the Embassy. There is a clearly defined list of documents that are submitted to these bodies. Among this list is an invitation. It is key and mandatory. In simple words - this document will not be, and a visa will not be issued, that is, you can come to Ukraine only by invitation. This explains the need for issuing an invitation and the relevance of this issue among foreign citizens.
Also, an invitation for a large number of foreigners is necessary for crossing the border under the visa-free regime. First of all, it concerns the Russians, because recently they have been asked at customs to prove the purpose of their trip to Ukraine, and the invitation is a good fact.
Types of invitations
To begin the process of issuing an invitation for a visa, you need to know which type is required. To determine the category is extremely simple, it is worthwhile to rely on the purpose of the trip.
In particular, the most popular are:
Guest things like that.
This list can be continued further, because foreigners travel to Ukraine with different goals.
For example, in the case of a tourist trip to rest in Ukraine, it is necessary to apply for a tourist voucher. If the trip or entry occurs in order to visit loved ones or relatives, in this case you should apply for a private design. If the goal is employment or already work, then you definitely need a working one.
The clearance process
The question how to issue an invitation for a foreigner is relevant for a large number of applicants. After all, it is necessary for opening a visa or crossing the border.
As a rule, invitations are handled by the host country in Ukraine. This is logical, because a foreign applicant often crosses the border in order to visit relatives, cooperate with business partners, study in one of the educational institutions of Ukraine, work, and the like. There are, of course, cases when the trip is one-way, for example, tourism, purchases, but this rarely comes across. Therefore, the design of the invitation is relevant to the receiving party.
And what should foreigners who do not have the opportunity to receive such a document from Ukraine do? Then you should contact the relevant services, in particular, migration authorities, private notaries, visa companies of various kinds, travel agencies, that is, those services that deal with visa issues.
As a rule, a certain package of documents is also submitted to such bodies. All individually.
Our company is always ready to help in solving this problem. We will provide qualified advice, advise how best to act in a given situation, help with the preparation of documents for a particular type of invitation, etc.
The term of making invitations and their cost
How to get an invitation to Ukraine is a pressing issue among foreigners. The production time of such a document ranges from several days to a couple of weeks, everything is determined individually. We arrange an invitation of any type in a short time.
In the process of issuing an invitation, it is worth remembering that you will also have to pay for the services of this or that service, which will put a hand in its issuance. If the manufacture in a state body, you will have to pay a state fee. In the case of contacting a private institution, the determination of the amount takes place individually in accordance with the tariffs of this service.

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