Invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens

06.07.2019, 22:07
Invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens
To issue an invitation to Ukraine for foreigners: professional lawyer assistance

Entry into Ukraine of foreigners is governed by immigration laws. When crossing the border a foreigner will need to present a special package of documents. To simplify the process of customs control will help an invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens, on the basis of which a visa is issued. The procedure for obtaining a visa for a foreigner can become a real problem, especially if he has not had to deal with legal issues before. We will help you quickly arrange an invitation for a trip to Ukraine, and collect the necessary documents for entry into the country.

Procedure for obtaining an invitation to enter Ukraine

The receiving party may be a legal entity or an individual interested in the arrival of a guest on the territory of Ukraine. Properly executed invitation greatly simplifies the procedure of entry into the country, while the document is drawn up in accordance with the form approved by law. To receive the document the receiving party:

- Apply for an invitation;

- makes all the necessary documents.

How to get an invitation to Ukraine: a list of documents

The invitation serves as confirmation of the presence of the receiving party, which allows to simplify the process of customs control. The document is drawn up exclusively in Ukrainian. The first block "header" includes information about the receiving side:

- Name, date of birth;

- identification code;

- registration (address of registration).

The main information block is compiled on the basis of passport data of a foreign citizen. According to the rules, the first paragraph indicates the temporary address of residence of a non-resident in Ukraine, as well as the exact date of crossing the border of our country. In the second paragraph it is prescribed that the receiving party assumes all costs for the non-resident’s residence in the country. The final stage is the signature of the document by the receiving party, and the indication of information about the notary who was certified with the invitation.

The application for the invitation includes the following information:

- the purpose of the arrival of a foreign guest in Ukraine;

- confirmation by the host to cover the costs of accommodation and meals for the immigrant during his stay in the country;

- Documentary evidence of the solvency of the receiving party.

The invitation is usually issued within 1-3 days, but the process may be delayed due to the fault of public services that complicate its bureaucratic procedures. If your time is precious to you, then the best solution would be to seek the help of our lawyers who will make an invitation to a foreigner in Ukraine in the shortest possible time.

Help with the design of the invitation - why it is worth contacting us?

The long-term experience of our lawyers allows them to perform their work on a professional level, arranging invitations to foreigners in Ukraine for several days. We make guest invitations in just 3 working days, while the client will need to wait 1-3 days to arrange a business invitation.

A team of experienced lawyers of our company will help you arrange all the necessary immigration documents in the shortest possible time. To receive an invitation through our company, you will need to prepare:

- a copy of your passport;

- A copy of the passport of a foreign guest;

We undertake all the concerns of issuing an invitation to Ukraine, while you only need to provide a minimum set of documents and wait for the notification of the receipt of the invitation. Drawing up such documents is a daily task for our lawyers, which they are used to doing quickly and efficiently.

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