Invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens: the stages of registration

27.04.2019, 00:04
Invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens: the stages of registration
An invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens is without objection the main document for obtaining a visa sanction, which is necessary for the future crossing of the Ukrainian border. In simple words, you can enter Ukraine on a visa, and it is issued by invitation. Even if a non-visa regime is established between Ukrainian and the state of residence of a foreigner, quite often at the borders they are asked to prove the purpose of the trip, and having an invitation is the best option.
The relevance of the invitation
After Ukraine proclaimed independence, a visa regime was established with many countries of the world, in particular, part of Asia, Africa, that is, third world states can be included in this list. And for the citizens of these localities, such a decision means one thing - you must first apply to the consular authorities for obtaining a permit to cross the border, which is what a visa is for entering the Ukrainian territory even for a short time.
In order to obtain such permission, it is necessary to submit a package of documents to this consular office, including an invitation. This is the first argument that it is still worth to make an invitation to Ukraine.
Recently, relations between Ukraine and neighboring countries, in particular, the Russian Federation, have been aggravated, which affected the process of crossing the Ukrainian border by the Russians. Now it is desirable to have a passport with you; if entry occurs according to an internal identification of the person, then fingerprints must be taken. And the main point is that you need to prove the purpose of the trip. The best option in this case would be an invitation. Here is another argument in favor of the need to make out invitations.
Types of Visa Invitations
Before you start issuing an invitation to enter Ukraine, you should determine its type. Indeed, much depends on this moment, in particular, the necessary package of documents and the body to which it is necessary to apply for receipt.
Determine the category is extremely simple, you need to rely on the very purpose of the trip. If a foreign citizen plans to go to Ukraine to visit, then he will have to arrange for himself a private type of invitation. On the basis of it you can get both disposable and reusable visas. Everything will depend on the time for which he is invited by Ukrainian citizens or simply foreigners who have received the right to reside legally in Ukraine.
In the case of work, an invitation from the employer should be provided. A visa can also be a one-time visa, but in most cases it is a multiple basis on the basis of it, because a foreigner will work for a long time. This also applies to training.
No less popular type of invitation is business. Many foreigners lead or only plan to cooperate with Ukrainian businessmen. You can also get a visa for a single, double or multiple trip.
Well, one of the most popular types of invitations is travel. It is extremely easy to get it, no confirmation from the receiving party is required. This is true for those foreigners who do not have to whom to go, but really want to cross the Ukrainian border. On the basis of such an invitation, you can get a multiple-entry visa, but usually issue a sanction for a one-time trip. After all, guided by the fact that the rest can not last long.
The process of issuing invitations for visas
The reception of such invitations is usually addressed by the receiving party. Among the organizations that deal with this issue, it is worth highlighting:
Travel agencies;
Migration services;
Private notaries;
Visa companies and the like.
We are also ready to help with this issue. We will provide qualified advice on the design of one or another type of invitation, advise what should be provided.
The duration of the manufacture of any type of invitation ranges from several days to several weeks. It all depends on the complexity of the situation.
The cost is also determined individually, since it will take into account the period for which a foreigner plans to go to Ukraine, how often he plans to cross the border, and other wishes.

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