How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine

How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine

You are offered a high-paying job in the Ukraine? Or you travel a frequent guest in this country? Or maybe you are waiting for Ukrainian grandparents to visit? For each of the causes of problematic and unprofitable constantly beat visa. It is much easier to issue a residence permit in the country. You can legally remain a long time in Ukraine. But whether to do it and, most importantly, how to implement it?

Accommodation in Ukraine for a long time will not be able to provide neither a visa to Ukraine. Only a residence permit (permit) will allow you to legally stay in Ukraine for a period of one year or more.

Temporary residence permit

Most simply issue a temporary residence permit (residence permit), which is valid for one year with possibility of further extension. In addition to the relatively simple procedure of obtaining, residence permit has other positive aspects:

  1. the right to stay in Ukraine more than 90-180 days (longer than provide visa);
  2. You can move freely across the border;
  3. living in Ukraine, you remain a citizen of their country;
  4. at each crossing is not necessary to provide a migration card the border;
  5. you have the opportunity to enjoy all the rights of a citizen of Ukraine (however there are some exceptions provided by law);
  6. speed processing residence permit.


Is it difficult to draw residence permit

To obtain a smooth temporary right of residence in Ukraine, the reason for your entry to be justified. Powerful argument for issuing residence permit is:

  1. employment (at the invitation of the host country);
  2. moving to close relatives (husband, wife, parents, children);
  3. if you have previously been a citizen of Ukraine;
  4. training;
  5. material contribution to the national economy;
  6. technical or cultural activities.

If you decide to stay in Ukraine, according to at least one of the above criteria, you receive a certificate of residence permit relatively seamlessly. But the law is constantly changing and is subject to various amendments. This can complicate the process of registration of a residence permit in the country. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the laws in force, or refer to specialists.

What documents need to gather

List of documents necessary for registration residence permit is different in different situations. It all depends on the reasons for temporary residence in the country. But in any case, you have to have with such certificates and certificates:

  1. passport;
  2. document translated into Ukrainian passport data;
  3. your statement;
  4. a photo;
  5. receipt on state duty payment.

In addition to the above package, you will get some other help. For example, if you want to find a job in the Ukraine, you will need an application from your future employer. To confirm that your husband (wife) lives in Ukraine, you must present a marriage certificate or his (her) a certificate of residence permit. Also important nuance in the preparation residence permit is the certificate of your residence permit on the territory of Ukraine.

The indefinite stay in Ukraine

A permanent residence permit (permanent) gives you the ability to legally reside and settle in the territory of Ukraine. One of the main benefits is the permanent registration period - indefinitely. In addition, receiving a certificate for the right to permanent residence, you will feel, and other advantages:

  1. You will not need to constantly renew its instrument of permanent residence (except to replace it in your 25 and 45 years);
  2. You do not need a work permit in Ukraine;
  3. You can not show the door is forced out of the country (except for cases stipulated by law);
  4. You are free to enter the territory of the country and leave at any time;
  5. enjoyment of all rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens (with the exception of participation in elections);
  6. to obtain Ukrainian citizenship - one step.

How to obtain permanent residence and that this may prevent.

To obtain the status of a permanent resident of Ukraine, you must have good reasons that will convince the migration service. You do not refuse to grant permanent residence if you are a:

  1. a close relative of a citizen or permanent resident of Ukraine (if you are a husband or wife, the marriage must last at least 2 years);
  2. refugees living in the country for more than 3 years;
  3. guardian of a citizen of Ukraine;
  4. scientific or cultural figures;
  5. investor in the Ukrainian economy.

If you are applying for the first time to the migration service, you need to carefully consider and argue the grounds for permanent residence in Ukraine. After all, if in doubt the purity of your intentions to stay in the country, you can refuse to issue a certificate of permanent resident.

To obtain the right to permanent residence you will need to collect some documents. The list varies according to each individual case. This is the complexity of the procedure. You may be required a lot of references, the existence of which you first heard. In addition, some of the documents have a certain period of validity. So, until you have finished collecting all the necessary papers, some of them may have lost their power.

Making a correct list of documents can be a significant problem if you are not familiar with the country and its orders. Therefore, many wishing to settle in the Ukraine, or to obtain a visa to Ukraine for foreigners resort to lawyers and specialized applications for registration of a residence permit. This greatly increases the chances of a positive outcome of the case and save personal time.

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The types of resorts in Ukraine

The types of resorts in Ukraine

The article presents the types of resorts in Ukraine and their brief characteristics. And also it provides recommendations resort optionally depending on the need for prevention and treatment of various diseases.

If you want not only to relax but also improve your health, then stop your choice on spa treatment. To do this you will need a tourist visa to Ukraine.

Before choosing the resort, please consult your physician. He will appoint tests, if necessary, referral to a more narrow specialists, such as a gastroenterologist, surgeon, gynecologist, neurologist. Based on the survey results, the therapist will recommend the resort type of treatment and suitable for this season.

Resorts are divided into several types - climatic, balneological and mud-cure. Most resorts combines several types.

The climatic health resort is based on the combination of natural and climatic factors that positively affect the body. Fresh air, sun bathing and bathrooms - are the main methods of recovery of the body. Typically, these resorts are associated with the seaside, but in fact they can be placed in any lane. The main thing that climatic conditions particularly suited to your case. The correct climate strengthens the immune system, has a positive effect on the nervous system, normalizes metabolism, improves respiratory function, digestion and circulation.

For quenching and the overall strengthening of the body, fit seaside resorts located on the shores of the Azov and Black Seas. Fresh and clean air of the sea coast, rich in ozone and sea salt, a long swimming season - a distinctive feature of seaside resorts. Fans milder maritime climate suitable sanatoriums Odesa region - Zatoka, Chernomorka. But such resorts like Kirilovka, Berdyansk, Ochakov, Koblevo, are already in the steppe zone. Here the climate is hot and dry with extreme temperature changes of day and night. The mild climate of forest suitable for people with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diseases of the nervous system. These resorts are located in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa region. By climatic resorts and motels are located in the mountainous area. For example, Vorokhta, Bruise, Yaremcha. Here you can relax and improve your health both in summer and in winter. Features mountain climate - clean ionized air, low atmospheric pressure. This climate is very good for people with respiratory diseases.

Balneological resorts are located near the natural mineral water springs. Basically, these resorts are recommended for people with diseases of the digestive system. Mineral water is not only a drink, but take her bathrooms. Mineral baths improve blood circulation and metabolism, enhance the activity of the heart and normalize blood pressure, promote wound healing and reduce pain. mineral water Treatment should appoint a doctor, because the water of different sources is different in chemical composition, salinity and other factors. That doctor will choose you the correct dosage and will recommend one or another source. Balneological resorts are found in all regions of Ukraine. The most famous mineral spas located in Truskavets, Morshyn. Svaliava, Chmielnik.

Another type of resort - mud-treatment. At these resorts applies mud of salt lakes and estuaries, fresh water lakes silt mud, mineralized peat mud. This type of treatment is recommended for traumatic injuries, gynecological and skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But keep in mind that mud therapy is contraindicated "cores". Mud treatment is common in nursing homes, Odessa, Berdyansk, Kirilovka, Morshyn.

Unfortunately, the spa treatment is contraindicated in epilepsy, infectious diseases, acute exacerbation of chronic diseases, in the second half of pregnancy and some other diseases.

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