Attention! Ways of payment can differ for different country. Information in this section of the cite is intended for pre-acquaintance, its actuality isn't guaranteed. Correct price and conditions are specified at issuance of the order for an invitation.

For advice on the payment, you can contact our managers.


You can also write to us at the e-mail address and we will contact you within one working day.


There are many ways of payment


  • Payment by cash after receiving

    Payment of the order is able after receiving documents on hands to the recipient's address (in area of Ukraine). For it you must issue the order have chosen way of payment "Payment by cash after receiving" and follow the instruction.

  • Payment for the order online

    Our payment gateway offer simple and very comfortable interface of services payment by credit card VISA and MasterCard, electronic money RBKMoney, MoneyMail, WebCreds, NSMEP, Privat24 and others.

    We pay your attention that during with strengthening of fight against fraud in the area of the international payment systems of transaction on the Visa/Mastercard cards won't be accepted to processing without filling of the field CVV2/CVC2. CVC2 or CVV2 is special code which are specified on a back side of a credit card, the three-digit number following a credit card's number. CVC2 (or CVV2) allows to make additional identification of card's owner.

    Confidentiality of the requisites which you have specified and payments are guaranteed by protected mode of data transmission (SSL 3.0). It was confirmed by the certificate of Thawte (128 bits) through processing center.

    Payment by bank card with 3D Secure and SecureCOde in the Internet.

    Technologies 3D secure and SecureCode are using for extra authentications of the card's owner. If your bank uses this technology, you will be redirected to server for additional identification. Information about rules and methods of aditional indentification you should ask in the bank which has given to you a credit card.

    Payment is considered made after authorization of your plastic card. We reserves the right in addition to make telephone authorization of payment.

    ATTENTION! Payment for services with help of credit card isn't allowed by the person which isn't her owner. In case if the specified actions took place, the amount of payment and penalty would be 100 dollars. Money will be taken from the face using someone else's card.



  • Payment by WebMoney using IBox, 24nonStop, EasySoft

    You can pay using WebMoney, but in this case you don't have registered own purse? For it you should to use services of terminals like IBox, 24nonStop, EasySoft. If you choose this way, we will ask you to pay attention to the following:

    after payment from terminal in the window of it, please, choose the button "Electronic Money" - "WebMoney"

    after inquiry enter number of our WebMoney - a purse (it will be available after registration of your order)

    for using of a terminals network you will pay the commission of 5% of the chosen sum. That is why at implementation of payment via terminals consider, please, increasing the sum which is subject to payment at 5%

    keep the check which you received after payment



  • Payment for services with WebMoney and PayPal

    With the help of WebMoney online payment system, you can instantly pay for services "on registration of the invitations."

    Refill happens immediately after ending of transaction. Payment is accepted in WMU and WMZ for the sum which is identical for the payment sum in hryvnias only.

    You must have own purse in WebMoney system for payment implementation. You can register on the site of WebMoney. At implementation of payment the WM Keeper program is used.

    With the help of PayPal Internet system calculations PayPal.

    Payment through PayPal system happens instantly and without commission. For payment of purchases you will be able to use Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards. You can register in PayPal system, and then you will not need to specify data of your card during the payment any more. From you only the e-mail address and the password in PayPal are necessary for making payment.


  • Money transfers

    We accept money transfers with using the system Contact and Western Union. For it you must issue the order have choosen the way of payment "Money Transfers" and follow the instructions.