Private Visa to Ukraine at the invitation, clearance procedure

08.07.2019, 15:07
Private Visa to Ukraine at the invitation, clearance procedure

A private visa to Ukraine upon invitation is opened at the Embassy or other diplomatic bodies on the basis of a specific set of documents.
It is a regular sticker in the passport, which entitles its owner to cross the Ukrainian border with a guest order. But it is always worth remembering that the decision on entry is made by the Border Guard Service, the presence of a visa does not guarantee intersection, for this it is necessary to fulfill a number of requirements.
As for the visa, you can get it through our company. Having extensive experience in the field of manufacturing Ukrainian visas, not only for trips to visit, we will quickly prepare all the documents so that you can get this permission in a short time and can go to Ukraine.

List of required documents

Any Ukrainian visa, including a guest visa, is issued only after the submission of the list of documents, which includes the following:

1. The application form for a private visa, where you should reliably and correctly enter data that relates primarily to the upcoming trip - the contacts of the host country, the date and the number of days for which the trip is planned. It is also important to enter the correct passport data.
2. Photos of the passport type. They should be done shortly before the trip, as they must match the appearance of the applicant at the time of filing and departure. It is also recommended to be photographed without hats, jewelry, unless otherwise provided by the religious beliefs of a particular region.
3. Valid passport with free pages. It must be clean, neat.
4. Medical accident insurance, the coverage of which will cover the entire territory of Ukraine. Here you need to carefully approach the choice of the insurance company, because it must be accredited at the Embassy of Ukraine.
5. Invitation to visit. There are important requirements for it - not old, relevant, the text should contain information about the receiving party (contact details, passport details, place of residence, etc.).
6. In the case of travel to close relatives - proof of family ties, for example, a marriage or birth certificate and the like.
7. Other documents, for example, bank certificates on the current state of the account as evidence of the possibility of covering expenses during your stay in Ukraine, transport tickets, which will indicate the serious intentions of a foreigner and the like. Here everything depends not only on the desire of the applicant, but possibly on the requirements of a particular consular officer.
For many foreigners such a package of documents may seem complicated. First of all, they face the problem of issuing an invitation for a visit, because it must be sent by the receiving party. Sometimes there is simply no opportunity to do his training. Then you should contact our company. We know the requirements of the diplomatic services, in the course of the processes of preparing documents and invitations, in particular, we will quickly and efficiently complete the entire package of documents. Making a private visa to Ukraine with our help will seem quite simple and at the same time enjoyable process.

Production time and price

How to make a private visa to Ukraine is already clear. Here the main thing is to prepare the necessary package of documents and submit them to the necessary diplomatic services. But also an important point is the payment for this visa authorization, because many are interested in the question - how much does a private visa to Ukraine cost? The price primarily depends on the type of sanction in accordance with the number of possible entries. There are three types:

1. Disposable, which is the cheapest of all proposed. It has a big minus - after one trip, you will have to apply for a visa again, but you will have to pay less.
2. Double-entry visa, which is slightly more expensive than the previous one, but gives the owner the right to cross the border twice already.
3. A guest visa will cost the most, but it will be possible to use it often. But there are limitations too - no more than ninety days in half a year are given.

The term of the visa is about two weeks. If you need to quickly get permission to enter, you can apply for express delivery. Our company is ready to help with the solution of this issue.


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