Registration of a business visa to Ukraine and necessary papers

09.07.2019, 14:07
Registration of a business visa to Ukraine and necessary papers

Registration of a business visa to Ukraine - the visa process, which includes preparing the necessary set of documents, filing them with the relevant authorities and paying for the services of all structures that will take part in issuing an entry permit.
A visa for a business trip is a sanction issued by a diplomatic body of Ukraine, which gives the owner the right to freely cross the Ukrainian border in order to establish business activities, for example, cooperation with private entrepreneurs or companies, attracting or injecting investments.

Required documents

Obtaining a business visa to Ukraine is impossible without preparing the necessary set of documents, including the following items:

1. A questionnaire of the required type, where information is accurately and accurately entered, which directly relates to a business trip to Ukraine. It can be filled both online and by hand.
2. Photos of the passport format, which were taken shortly (no older than six months) before filing a visa application. It should be photographed without hats, a large number of jewelry, unless otherwise provided by the applicant’s religious beliefs.
3. Clean and tidy passport with free pages. The passport document must also be valid not only during a trip to Ukraine, but also after returning home.
4. Invitation. Important - it must be fresh, issued shortly before filing.
5. Medical insurance.
6. Additional papers, for example, certificates from the bank on the state of the current account as evidence of financial solvency, cover their own expenses.

This list is not final, as a consular officer, who will consider each case individually, may request additional papers. It all depends on the complexity of the situation.
For most foreign applicants, this list will seem difficult, because a lot of time and effort will have to be spent on preparing all the necessary things. In this case, we will come to the rescue. Having extensive experience in the preparation of documents for all types of Ukrainian visas, including business ones, we will do everything quickly and efficiently so that you can cross the border soon.

Invitation to business

How to apply for a business visa to Ukraine - a question whose answer is quite simple. To obtain permission to enter, you need to prepare documents, the key among which is the invitation. It is a kind of proof of the purpose of the trip to Ukraine. According to the rules, it should be sent to the foreign applicant from the Ukrainian partner. That is, the inviting party can be either a private entrepreneur or a specific Ukrainian company.
It contains information about where the foreigner will be, for how long he is traveling, and who will receive him during this period.
But for many foreigners planning business travels, it’s hard to get an invitation. Then you should contact us. A business visa to Ukraine for foreigners is impossible without this document, and we are ready to assist in its execution so that the visa authorization will soon be on hand.

The cost of business visas and issuance

The price of a business visa to Ukraine is a question that is also equally relevant and interesting for foreigners. After all, you need to know not only what documents to carry, but how much money you have to pay. The cost of visa sanctions depends on several factors, first of all it is necessary to focus on the category of visa. For example, if a business trip is planned for a short period with a single entry, then you can get a one-time visa, which will be the cheapest of all. A bit more expensive is a double sanction. Well, in the case when trips will be frequent and their duration is more than one or several days, you should apply for a multi-visa, however, you will have to pay more.

By the way, the price of the case also affects the price. If the standard is about two weeks, then urgent in the case of double payment of the consular fee - just a few days. Here are guided by a simple rule - if you need to quickly get a visa, then you will have to pay twice as much. Our company is ready to help you with a quick receipt of permission to enter, if there is such a need.


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