Registration of the business visa to Ukraine and necessary documents

06.07.2019, 22:07
Registration of the business visa to Ukraine and necessary documents
Registration of a business visa to Ukraine - a process that includes the preparation of a mandatory list of documents, their submission to a certain diplomatic body and payment for the services of such institutions. All this requires a serious approach and time. Our company is ready to help in solving such problems. We have been working in the market for visa services for a long time, we have experience, so we will be happy to help with the preparation of everything you need so that you can quickly and in time receive a visa and be able to cross the Ukrainian border in a short time.

What is a business visa and the stages of its execution

Ukraine once signed an agreement on a visa regime with a number of foreign countries. This fact for the residents of such countries contributed to the fact that they must first obtain permission to cross the Ukrainian border. A visa is a sanction that allows you to freely enter the Ukrainian territory. Of course, the visa gives only the right and opportunity, the final decision on entry is made by the Border Service.

A business visa to Ukraine for foreigners looks like a sticker on one page in the passport, which shows the passport details of the owner, the signature and stamp of the diplomatic body that issued the permit, and most importantly - the time frame, the number of days that a foreigner can be in Ukraine.
A business visa is opened for those foreigners who are planning a business trip to Ukraine to meet with partners, collaborate and the like.

There are several stages in the process of applying for a Ukrainian visa for a business trip. The first is to call the preparation of all necessary documents. Further, the collected papers are submitted to the diplomatic authorities, which include embassies, consulates, and in the case of extension of the visa during their stay on the Ukrainian soil they apply to the Migration Service.

The next step is to pay for the services of those structures that were encountered in the process of registration. Well, the last - waiting for the result.

Package of documents

How to apply for a business visa to Ukraine - the question is relevant and requires more detailed consideration, in particular, you should know what documents should be provided for this.

The list is approved at the level of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and includes the following items:

1. Application for a business visa.
2. Photos of the passport format, taken shortly before the filing of papers.
3. Valid passport with blank pages.
4. Medical insurance from a company accredited in Ukraine.
5. Business invitation, which is sent from Ukraine from entrepreneurs or specific companies. It is a key document and proof of the purpose of the trip to the Ukrainian territory.

The package of documents may vary depending on the situation and the visa application. It is not excluded that the Ukrainian consul may ask the applicant to bring this or that certificate to him if such is necessary. Therefore, it is important to take the matter seriously, provide true information and, if possible, report additional documents to the documents, for example, bank statements on the state of the account, tickets for transport, booking of accommodation in Ukraine and the like. We will help with all this, because we know how you can quickly get a business visa to Ukraine.

Production time and price

Getting a business visa to Ukraine - a process that takes from two weeks or more, depending on the complexity of the situation and the speed of the institutions that will fall in the way of registration. The consulate has the right to keep the documents under consideration for up to fifteen days.
The price of a business visa to Ukraine depends on the time of consideration. If you need to quickly pick up the documents, you can order an express. In this case, you will have to pay a double-consular fee. The price is also affected by the category of the visa itself. If you need a business visa for a one-time trip, then the amount of payment will be the smallest. The most expensive business visa will cost the most, because it will allow the owner to often cross the border. Well, between them there is a double-entry visa, for the price it is a bit more expensive for a one-time visa, but it already gives the right to come twice.

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