Rules of entry and stay in Ukraine for foreign citizens

Rules of entry and stay in Ukraine, governed by the laws of Ukraine. Normative document, scored force from 22.09.2011. "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons" describes the entry and stay of the procedure, as well as related terms. For the development of and additions adopted additional regulations. They have made some changes to the entry and residence regulations in Ukraine, foreigners and persons who do not have citizenship.


The documents also regulate the entry and stay in the Ukraine

  1. CMU №150 from 15.02.2012. It paints the details and rules of procedure of increasing the period of stay, or a reduction in the territory of Ukraine;

  2. CMU №884 from 04.12.2013 year. This is the procedure for confirming the presence of a sufficient amount of money from foreigners to enter and stay in the country, transit of foreigners through the territory of Ukraine and the bailout of its limits;

  3. CMU №251 from 28.03.2012. Adjusts the order processing, manufacturing, as well as a residence permit.

Taking into account the general rules for foreigners in. r. h. and people with lack of citizenship can get to Ukraine only on the basis of a visa. Provided that otherwise provided by international agreements or legislation.

Entry and exit of foreigners on the territory of the Crimean Autonomous Republic is allowed only in the presence and presentation of a special document that allows you to navigate through control checkpoints in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.


Visas for entry to Ukraine

Documents authorizing entry into the territory of Ukraine, issued by the diplomatic agencies and consular offices. A visa may also be issued in Ukraine - by passing border controls at airports "Odessa", "Borispol" in the Odessa seaport in the following cases:

  1. for emergency treatment or funeral of a close relative. Upon presentation of supporting document;

  2. to eliminate the consequences of an accident in Ukraine. Issued only at the request of the Ministry of Emergencies;

  3. for the citizens of Turkey and several other countries, if they arrived as tourists;

  4. for the diplomatic missions or official if the official request sootvestvuschih bodies;

in the case of transit through the territory of Ukraine's transition teams of foreign crews who are in the Ukrainian seaports. The document is issued in the presence and presentation of an extract from the ship's role.

From 11-09-2011 to enter the territory of Ukraine are three types of visas

  1. VB - transit. It is issued for transit passage through its territory to other countries. It can be single, double or reusable. The authorized period of temporary stay in the country no more than 5 days;

  2. VC - term. Deposits are issued for tourist purposes, short business trips, the treatment or the organization of international transport. Duration - 6 months to 5 years. The permitted length of stay of three months for 180 days from the date of the first entry;

  3. VD - long-term. Issued to foreign citizens to enter the territory for further processing of certain documents, which give the right to reside in the country or stay in it for more than three months.

Visa-free regime allows the entry to Ukraine only upon presentation of a passport. To this may be specific requirements, which is better to clarify before the trip.


Being on the territory of Ukraine

There are three legal regimes that allow foreigners to stay on Ukrainian territory:

  1. temporary stay (stay);

  2. temporary accommodation;

  3. permanent residence.

Everyone has their reasons, the procedure and deadlines, and specific rights and obligations.

Temporary stay

This mode applies to all foreigners and persons who are unable to live permanently or temporarily reside in the country. Length of stay is determined by appropriate permits (visas). In the case of a visa-free regime - international treaties.

Length of stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine or those with lack of citizenship may be extended on condition that they arrived:

  1. on short-term visa or a State with which the contract is valid for visa-free regime for serious reasons and documentary evidence (treatment, childbirth, pregnancy);

  2. for a transit visa at the forced stop in the state (illness, natural disaster) and in the presence and presentation of supporting document;

  3. for long-term visa, if for serious reasons not been issued a permit for temporary or permanent residence upon presentation of documents.


Part-time residence

Terms define the circumstances that served to provide accommodation. The list of grounds under which it is given the right to:

  1. рwork in Ukraine;

  2. participate in international aid projects;

  3. arrival to connect families of persons who have received the right to temporary residence;

  4. participate in cultural and educational programs;

  5. beginning or continuing their education;

  6. work as a correspondent in the foreign media.


Permanent residence

This mode can be set for these categories of citizens:

  1. immigrants;

  2. persons who have lost their Ukrainian citizenship, but which are still located and reside on the territory of Ukraine;

  3. refugees;

  4. persons who are granted asylum.

If you lose your passport or document of a foreigner a document which identifies a person who does not have citizenship, they should immediately notify the appropriate department or agency of the State Migration Service. The GMR was given a certificate and send a message to the Administration of the Border Service.