A tourist invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine and ways to successfully obtain it

01.10.2018, 16:10
A tourist invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine and ways to successfully obtain it
A tourist invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine is a document without which no applicant can successfully obtain a Ukrainian visa for single or multiple trips to Ukrainian land for tourism, recreation and the like. This type of invitation to issue is extremely simple, the main thing is to know where to go for it.
Definition of concept
There is no such type of Ukrainian visa, the receipt of which would have been possible without an invitation. Simply no. Here and tourist authorization for entry is issued only if the foreign applicant has a tourist invitation or, as it is often called, a voucher.
The tourist invitation is a kind of document, in the text of which the list of tourist services is clearly defined, which a foreign tourist has previously booked and plans to use after opening a visa while in Ukraine.
Quite often, a tourist voucher is printed in three copies, because they will all be used. For example, one is given to the Embassy of Ukraine for issuing a visa, the second - remains in the travel agency just in case, but the third must constantly carry a foreigner to avoid unnecessary questions during his vacation in Ukraine.
Who can apply for tourism
A tourist invitation to Ukraine is one of those kinds of invitations, which can be processed directly by foreign applicants. As the majority is issued only to Ukrainian citizens or foreign citizens who legally reside there - that is, those who act as hosts. But tourist does not provide such.
Where to go and the date of manufacture
An invitation for a foreigner to apply for a tourist visa is issued in private bodies, in particular, visa companies. Specialized on this issue and travel companies. You can address both on the territory of Ukraine and in the state of residence of the foreign applicant. There is no difference, the main thing is that these companies provide services for booking accommodation, excursions, tickets for transport in Ukraine.
The manufacturing time is quite short. As a rule, this takes three or five days. Of course, there are different cases, but a long period of clearance does not take.
Cost of tourist invitation
The tourist voucher costs differently, it is difficult to calculate the price exactly, because there are two things that are influenced by it - the quantity and quality of tourist services. Here everything is individually calculated according to the fact.

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