Tourist visa to Ukraine and the process of obtaining

08.07.2019, 16:07
Tourist visa to Ukraine and the process of obtaining

A tourist visa to Ukraine is a stamp (sticker) in the passport of its owner, which contains the following information - dates, the number of days that a foreigner can be on Ukrainian territory, passport details, stamp and signature of the relevant consular authority who made the decision to issue this sanctions.
It gives the right to a foreign citizen to freely cross the border legally. It is only worth noting that the visa allows you to enter, the final decision on whether or not to allow this or that foreigner to enter Ukraine is made exclusively by the Border Guard Service.

The clearance process

A tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners is issued exclusively by the diplomatic services, which, according to Ukrainian legislation, have received the right and the opportunity to issue entry permits. To do this, you should look for Embassies, Consulates and other authorities in the country of residence, and in case of continuation of the already existing Ukrainian visa apply to the Migration Service.

These institutions should carry a package of documents, which is mandatory for all and depends on the purpose of the trip. Tourist visa is quite popular among foreigners, because the paper is not difficult to prepare. Our company is always ready to help with the solution of this problem. Having experience in issuing visas of any kind for foreigners, we will quickly prepare everything you need so that you can get an entry permit in a short time.
After submission of documents, payment is made for the services of a particular diplomatic / immigration service. The price of a tourist visa to Ukraine depends on the category - one-time itself is cheap, and the most expensive is of course multiple.
Well, the last stage - getting a result that can be both positive and negative. As a rule, the Ukrainian Embassies give visas to all foreigners, but there are also failures. Therefore, it is important to take the process of registration seriously, to provide only true information.

Required papers

Registration of a tourist visa to Ukraine includes preparation of a package of documents, in particular, applicants provide:

1. Application form for obtaining a tourist visa, where information about the upcoming trip is entered (passport details, place of residence, hotel name and contacts, dates and number of days for which the trip is planned, etc.).
2. Photos of the passport format, where the face is clearly visible. They must be current, made shortly before the submission of papers. It should be photographed without jewelry and hats, unless otherwise provided by religious beliefs.
3. Valid passport, which must also be neat and with free pages for the visa itself.
4. Medical insurance, the coverage of which should include the entire territory of Ukraine.
5. Invitation to tourism or travel voucher.
6. Other accompanying documents, among which it is worth highlighting certificates from the bank on the state of the current account, that they will act as evidence of the possibility of covering their own expenses, transport tickets, a plan for a tourist trip, etc., at the request of the applicant or at the request of a consular officer.
If this list of documents for the applicant seems difficult, we are always ready to help with the preparation. Our company has been successfully operating in the market of visa services for several years, with a lot of experience, we will do everything quickly and efficiently so that the desired visa will soon be on hand.

Invitation to tourism

How to make a tourist visa to Ukraine is already clear, the main thing here is to have all the documents and submit them to the Embassy. The key to the package is an invitation to tourism. It is worth considering in more detail.
This is a voucher with an indication of all travel services that will be used by a foreigner. These include accommodation, tours, entertainment and more.
It can only be manufactured by a travel agency or a visa company of our type, which officially provides travel services and cooperates with Ukrainian tour operators. It is important - it is necessary to apply only to legal firms, as they may slip false documents.


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