Tourist visa to Ukraine and the process of its registration

22.03.2019, 11:03
Tourist visa to Ukraine and the process of its registration
Tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners is a permit for free travel through Ukrainian customs. The presence of a visa sticker in the passport is a prerequisite for entry for residents of a number of foreign countries with which Ukraine has signed visa agreements.
The process of registration
The tourist visa to Ukraine in 2019 is issued through the diplomatic services located in the foreign country of residence. It is worth contacting the Consulate of Ukraine. They submit the required package of documents, pay for consular services and after a while get the result.
The process of registration takes from ten to thirty days, it all depends on the complexity of situations and the amount of work.
In some cases, when assistance is needed in preparing the necessary papers, they turn to visa companies.
List of documents
A tourist visa to Ukraine is made at a consular office only on the basis of a well-defined set of documents, which is approved at the level of Ukrainian legislation. The list of documents may vary depending on the situation, in particular, the consular officer has the right to demand additional papers if it is necessary for detailed consideration of the case.
Among the required documents are the following:
1. Application form that can be filled out online or by hand. The main condition is accuracy, clarity.
2. Photos of the passport format, which were made not long before the submission of documents (no later than six months).
3. Passport with free pages. It must be valid at the time of filing and even after returning from Ukraine.
4. Accident insurance during a tourist trip to Ukraine.
5. An invitation with the entire list of tourist services that a foreigner will use during his stay in Ukraine. This document is mandatory, key and serves as a kind of proof of the purpose of crossing the border.
Regarding additional papers, it is often asked to provide proof of financial solvency to cover the expenses during the trip (certificate from the bank), transport tickets and so on.
For many foreigners, this list is very heavy and quite complicated, in which case you can go to a private visa firm like ours. Qualified managers will quickly help with the design.
Tourist invitation
The main document that gives a foreigner the right to open a tourist visa in the future is an invitation. It is often called a voucher, because it contains information about booking accommodation in Ukraine, excursions and other tourist services that a foreign citizen plans to use during his stay in Ukraine.
Registration of such a document takes several days. You should contact him at a travel agency or at a visa company.
Duration and cost
The production of a tourist visa sticker takes a rather short time, as well as the preparation of documents for it. Therefore, it is one of the most popular among foreign citizens, because the process of registration requires not much time and effort.
Consideration of the case at the Embassy takes about ten days, but maybe all thirty. In some cases, when it is very necessary for a foreigner to urgently obtain an entry permit, by submitting relevant documents and permission from the consul, it is possible to get a sanction in a few days.
A popular question among foreign applicants is how much does a tourist visa to Ukraine cost? Its cost ranges from 65 US dollars, if other moments are not provided for by international treaties. In case of urgent clearance, the payment will be charged in double.
Additional fees and services of private firms - visa or travel, in the case of assistance in the preparation of documents on their part. The cost of an invitation to tourism also depends on the number of tourist services ordered.
It is important to know that if a foreigner receives a refusal, then all funds that have been spent on him will not be returned.

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