Step 2 of 5. Selecting the appropriate type of Ukrainian visa

Selecting the appropriate type of visa for a trip to Ukraine is not such a simple process as it seems at the first glance. There are some types of Ukrainian visas and foreign citizens should understand their features, period of validity and rules of registration, collect documents and submit them to the consulate.

This process takes a lot of time and effort. In some cases, it requires repeated visits to other cities, long walking on various organizations to obtain documents and may take several months. There is an easier way - to address to professionals, who will charge themselves with the paperwork registration.

First step is to understand the basic terms that you need to know about the Ukrainian visas obtaining. They all differ in the number of entries to the country. They can be identified as:


  1. single entry (allows to enter the country only once time during a certain period);
  2. double (allows to enter Ukraine twice);
  3. multiple entry visas (permit to enter the country more than twice, it can be obtained only by people, who have previously obtained the single and double entry visas);


According to general rules, you need to provide the following documents to the consulate


  1. application form;
  2. passport;
  3. photos of the specified size;
  4. payment proofs of the consular fees
  5. agreement of parents or a guardian to travel abroad (if the visa is issued for a minor).
  6. health insurance policy;
  7. document, showing the purpose of visiting the country (the invitation to relatives or a legal entity, a travel voucher, etc.).

Our company assists clients in obtaining three types of invitations for visas: a tourist voucher, private invitation, and business invitation.


Tourist Visa to Ukraine

From the title it is clear that the visa is issued to foreigners, who enter the country for the touristic purpose. Tourist visas are issued for period up to 30 days with a single entry or up to 60 days with the possibility of a double entry. It can not be extended.
Under the legislation of Ukraine for the tourist visa registration you must have a touristic invitation from the Ukrainian tour operator. To meet this requirement, we will provide you a travel voucher and confirmation of your residence place.


  1. suitable for short visits;
  2. speed of the registration process;
  3. small consular fee;
  4. issued on the basis of the tourist invitation to Ukraine (a travel voucher), provided by an officially registered tour operator.

A visa for a private visit (visitor visa)

It is issued only with the official invitation of the Ukrainian citizens. A private visa to Ukraine for foreigners allows them to stay in the country up to 90 days per six months, or 180 days per year. It can envisage a single, double, or multiple visits to Ukraine. Typically, such a visa is obtained by people, who visit friends or relatives in Ukraine. The process of self-receiving an invitation can be a very time-consuming and problematic, so we recommend you to ask for help of our specialists, who will do everything for you.


  1. suitable for those foreign citizens, who are hosted by relatives or friends, living in Ukraine;
  2. allows multiple entries to the country;
  3. long validity term;
  4. issued on the basis of the original invitation issued by the territorial department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Business Visa to Ukraine

It allows you to stay in the country for a total of 90 (within six months) or 180 (within one year) days. A business visa to Ukraine for foreigners may involve single, double, or multiple entry to the country.
This type of visa is issued exceptionally with the official invitation from the host, which is a legal entity. Business visas are most suitable for foreigners, visiting Ukraine for business purposes.


  1. allows multiple entries to the country;
  2. long validity term;
  3. opportunity to engage in professional activities in the country: the signing of contracts, participation in conferences, etc.

Note: Business and private visas can only be obtained with the official invitation. The Consulate of Ukraine adopts as a rule the original invitations.