Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Grenada: process of obtaining

18.08.2020, 01:08
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Grenada: process of obtaining
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Grenada - permission to enter for a specific period of time and number of days. A sanction is issued on the basis of a clearly defined set of documents, the list of which depends on the purpose of the trip.

Features of issuing Ukrainian visas for Grenada

According to the legislation of Ukraine, citizens of Grenada must obtain visas for entry into Ukrainian territory. The type of sanction must correspond to the purpose of the trip to Ukraine. Making a visa is a process that can take anywhere from a few weeks to months. It is important here to take seriously the preparation of the necessary papers required of the applicant. If there is no time for preparation or there is simply fear of such a thing, then you can contact our company. This is not the first year we have been working in the market of visa services, we will arrange everything we need in a short time and with minimal effort.
Documents will need to be submitted to the diplomatic bodies in the country of residence of the foreigner. If you need to continue your visa while staying in Ukraine, you can contact the migration service. The trial lasts about two weeks. If the applicant urgently needs to obtain permission to enter, then for an additional fee and written reasons, you can apply for a visa in just a few days. We can help with this issue. You should contact us for advice.
By the way, do not forget that you will have to pay for a visa. The amount depends on the type of visa sanction in accordance with the number of possible entries through it. For example, there are single-entry visas that entitle you to cross the border only once. Such a sanction is the cheapest. A visa for a double trip will cost a little more. But the applicants pay the largest amount for multiple visas, because they have a huge advantage - you can travel often. But it is worth remembering that you can stay in Ukraine for maximum ninety days in half a year.

Documents required for a Ukraine visa for Grenada

Any type of Ukrainian visa is opened only on the basis of certain documents, the list of which is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, their number depends on the purpose of the trip, however, there are those positions that are common and at the same time mandatory for all applicants:
1. The application form completed and signed by the applicant in person. You can write it by hand or enter data online. The main thing here is reliability, because on the basis of this information a decision will be made on issuing a visa.
2. Passport format photographs. Taking a photo is worth no earlier than six months before filing, and best of all - a few days, so that they exactly match the appearance of the applicant at the time of registration and the trip itself. They should be color and quality.
3. Foreign passport with free pages for visa and stamps, which will be placed on the Ukrainian border. Important - this document must be valid at the time of the trip and return home, clean and tidy.
4. Medical accident insurance. The insurance company must be accredited at the consulate and be officially registered.
5. Invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Grenada.
This list may vary depending on the complexity of the situation. Each case is considered individually, so the Ukrainian consul may at any time ask for additional papers.

Types of Ukraine Visa Invitations for Grenada

There are many types of invitations, it all depends on the purpose of the trip of a foreigner to Ukraine. But there are three of the most popular:
1. Travel invitation for citizens of Grenada or just a voucher issued by an officially registered travel company, which lists all the services that a foreigner will use.
2. Private invitation for citizens of Grenada gives the right to obtain a visa for traveling to visit relatives close in Ukraine. You can apply for both multiple and single or double entry visa.
3. Business invitation for citizens of Grenada provides an opportunity to get a business visa for cooperation with Ukrainian businessmen.

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