Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Singapore: process of obtaining

18.08.2019, 03:08
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Singapore: process of obtaining
A visa to Ukraine for citizens of Singapore is a special stamp in the passport that has legal force and allows the holder to freely enter the Ukrainian territory. Of course, the last word is left to the border guards, only they decide to admit a foreigner or not, but the presence of a visa sanction is the first step to free entry.


The process of applying for a visa to Ukraine for Singapore

Citizens of Singapore can only obtain entry permits based on pre-prepared documents that serve as evidence of foreigners' intentions to cross the border. The number of papers will depend on the purpose of the trip and, accordingly, the type of visa itself. There are many types of visa sanctions, for example, workers, business, students, and the like.
Documents should be prepared in advance and this matter should be taken seriously. If there is no time and desire to search for the required list of securities, then it is worth contacting our company. We have been working in the visa services market for several years, we have prepared a package of documents for more than one hundred applicants, therefore, we will quickly and efficiently do everything possible so that you can get an entry permit in a short time and cross the Ukrainian border.
When the documents are collected, they will need to be submitted to the diplomatic services, that is, the Ukrainian Embassy in Singapore. If you need to continue your existing Ukrainian visa, being within the borders of this country, then you should contact the Migration Service in the department that deals with issues of foreigners. It will take about two weeks to wait for the visa. Of course, there are times when consideration is delayed, because you need to study the visa business in detail, but basically after fifteen days the permission is ready. If such a period does not suit the Singaporean, then you can apply for the express. But there are two main conditions - if possible, it is necessary to provide additional documents that I will confirm the urgency of departure, I will have to pay for the services of diplomatic bodies in double size.
Regarding payment, the cost of manufacturing a Ukrainian visa is determined by the legislation of Ukraine and depends on the type of sanction, in particular:
1. One-time, which will cost the citizen of Singapore cheaper than all possible. However, it has a big minus - it will be possible to cross the border only once.
2. Twofold, which costs a little more than the preliminary one, but has the advantage that it can be used twice;
3. Multiple. It is more expensive than everyone, but you can ride often. Although there are restrictions on the length of stay - no more than three months in half a year.

A package of documents for a Ukrainian visa to citizens of Singapore

Obtaining a Ukrainian visa is possible on the basis of the following documents:
1. Questionnaires of the appropriate format.
2. Photo taken shortly before filing.
3. An invitation of the necessary type that meets the stated purpose of the trip.
4. Accident insurance.
5. A valid passport with free pages.
6. Additional papers, for example, bank documents, transport tickets and the like.

Invitation for Ukrainian visas to citizens of Singapore

An invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Singapore is a special document that indicates all the information regarding the future trip of a foreigner - the receiving party, the purpose of the trip, and the like. There are many types of invitations, because Singaporeans go to Ukraine with different intentions. But as practice shows, there are three of the most popular:
1. A tourist invitation for citizens of Singapore or just a voucher indicating the tourist services that a foreigner will use in the near future. It is very important to choose the right company that will issue such a document. This must be a travel agency officially registered or a visa company similar to ours.
2. Private invitation for citizens of Singapore, on the basis of which applicants can open a guest visa. You can bother about multiple, double, and one-time sanctions.
3. A business invitation for citizens of Singapore will provide an opportunity for a foreigner to obtain a visa of the same type. Singaporeans need these sanctions for business trips to Ukrainian territory.

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