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Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia

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  • Invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia - it's an immigration document which is issued from inviting side and serve enough legislative basis for issuance to a foreigner or person without citizenship of the visa to Ukraine. In that case the inviting side becomes the private or legal entity which has issued the invitation to the Ukraine's territory.


    We help in issuance the next types of invitation:

    A tourist invitation (voucher) in Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia

    This document is necessary for receiving tourist visa which give the right on entry to Ukraine's territory for term not more than 30 full days - for visas with single entry, or not more than 60 full days - for visas with the right for twice entry. At the same time the maximum period of staying in the country can not be more than 60 days. In the tourist's voucher it must be written that the foreigner wants to see and/or what places he wants to visit.

    The private invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia

    This immigration document are called "a guest document" because of using it for visiting friends, family or acquainted person with the goal of relaxing. With help of this document a citizen of Saint Lucia has the right to receive visa which give the opportunity on single, two or more entry to Ukraine with the right for staying within the country till 90 days within half a year. As a rule, period of validity of such visas makes from 30 days for one year.

    Term of staying depends from chosen visa (private). It's price can be different from other due to term of staying:


    • for 30 days of stay;
    • for 90 days of stay within half a year;
    • for 180 days stay within a year provided that in one half-year a foreigner was in Ukraine no more than 90 full days.

    Business invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia

    As a rule, business invitation is issued special for business meetings, business negotiations, participants in conferences, for professional development, signing or extension important contracts. Relative time of staying, validity term and the number of allowed entrances of the visa received by these invitations divided on the private visas described above.



    We will describe all process issuance of invitation in case if you decide to make out the invitation yourself.

    For issuance of invitation the second side must:


    1. Go to one of offices of the Public Migratory Service.
    2. To write the application of a standard form for receiving the invitation.
    3. Documents and references are necessary to provide in office of Migratory service.

    Contents of the invitation:

    The invitation for citizens of Saint Lucia is issue only in the Ukrainian state language, and it must contain the following information.

    1. Personal information about inviting person (a full name, the name of company, date of birth or foundation of the company).
    2. Identification code or the USREOU (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine) code.
    3. Address of registration or residence.
    4. Date of your entrance, staying period.

    The application for issuance of the invitation in Migratory office contains the next information:


    1. The goal of entry of the citizen of Saint Lucia into Ukraine;
    2. Confirmation that the inviting side takes the bill connected with staying of the foreigner during his visit of Ukraine;
    3. Documentary confirmation about sufficient solvency of the accepting person.

    All process of issuance of the invitation will take up to 20 days if you want to do it independently. However the period of registration can be reduced significantly, having asked to our company for help. We work in this sphere more than 10 years, so, we in accuracy know what to do and how to speed up the process.

  • Documents for obtaining a visa to Ukraine for citizens of Saint Lucia



    To obtain a visa to Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons in person or through an authorized person (legal representative) represents:


    1. standardized invitation of a person or entity issued by the regional body or division of the State Migration Service of Ukraine or document confirming that the nature of travel is tourism in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Tourism”;

    2. duly completed and signed visa application form;

    3. a valid passport document;

    4. two photos of size 3 x 4 cm;

    5. proof of payment of consular fees, unless otherwise provided by law and international treaties of Ukraine;

    6. document certifying the consent of a parent or legal representative, and other documents necessary for independent exit of minors abroad or their departure, accompanied by a parent or legal representative - in the case of considering the application for a visa to minors;

    7. a valid medical insurance policy provides the possibility of its registration in the state in which a petition is served.

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