Registration of a visa to Ukraine at the airport "Borispol, Zhulyany, Odessa" and the main stages of this process

01.10.2018, 16:10
Registration of a visa to Ukraine at the airport "Borispol, Zhulyany, Odessa" and the main stages of this process
Registration of a visa to Ukraine at the airport "Boryspil, Zhulyany, Odessa" is a visa process that includes the provision of a certain list of documents by foreign citizens, which proves first of all the tourist nature of the trip and will show a valid reason for the absence of a pre-arranged visa. That is, a certain category of people can get such a visa, who did not have time to apply to consular institutions in advance, have a good reason for this and are ready to provide the necessary documents.
Who can get this visa?
First of all, it should be noted that at the airport "Borispol, Zhulyany, Odessa" you can get only a short-term visa type "C". If an alien needs to stay in Ukraine for a long time, then it is worth collecting documents and applying to the Embassy.
Citizens of not all countries of the world can open this visa for themselves. This right was granted only to representatives of the following countries:
Such citizens apply to the operational department of the Department of the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and issue a permit for entry there. Visa to Ukraine upon arrival is issued in a few minutes, but it is given with the possibility of staying in Ukraine for only fifteen days. And, as usual, such permission is issued to foreign tourists, neither workers, nor guests, but for the purpose of a tourist trip.
Respectful reasons for obtaining this visa by representatives of other countries
The list of foreigners who can easily apply for visas at the airport "Borispol, Zhulyany, Odessa" is clearly defined and can not be changed. However, this does not mean that residents of other countries that have not been included in this list can not work on its registration. Permission is granted for such reasons:
- for official purposes or diplomatic with the previous petition of the Ukrainian authorities;
- with a view to eliminating the consequences of an emergency situation at the request of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
- for the purpose of urgent medical assistance when providing relevant documents;
- for the purpose of visiting the funeral ceremony also in the presence of supporting papers;
- with the aim of establishing cooperation in the sphere of culture and sport, other branches of domestic policy, which are vital for society at that time;
- on humanitarian issues, but on the preliminary request of not only the authorities of Ukraine, but also international organizations.
Registration of visas on the territory of Ukraine - the process is not long, but it requires preliminary preparation.

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