Visa to Ukraine for Chinese citizens and a list of required documents

12.10.2018, 12:10
Visa to Ukraine for Chinese citizens and a list of required documents

Visa to Ukraine for citizens of China - a sticker in the passport document of a foreigner that will allow you to cross the border and live on Ukrainian territory for the required or necessary number of days. It is issued at the Embassy of Ukraine in China, there are representative offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and, of course, in the capital in Beijing. If a foreigner is on the territory of Ukraine, then you can extend your visa and there, most importantly, prepare the necessary package of documents, and especially find an invitation. As a rule, any type of invitation can be obtained from the Migration Service, government departments, but most Chinese residents prefer private firms like ours. We will willingly and in a short time assist in the preparation of not only invitations, but also all the necessary papers.

Types of visas

Ukrainian visas for Chinese citizens can be divided into the following three main types:

1. Transit, which open, as a rule, drivers of international transport on the basis of route sheets, documents confirming the need for transit. Even these visas are issued to the Chinese, who go to another state through Ukraine and have confirming papers - tickets, a visa to this country, if this is necessary.
2. Short-term deals that are issued for traveling on a visit, on a tourist holiday, for conducting business negotiations and meetings with Ukrainian businessmen. That is, such sanctions are issued for not very long trips.
3. Long-term refugees or their families may receive, Chinese citizens who intend to stay in Ukraine for a long time, for example, for the purpose of study or work.

Required papers for visas

The package of documents for different types of visas is different, since they all provide for different periods of stay in Ukraine. For example, long-term visas require more papers than transit ones.
Most Chinese citizens are applying for short-term Ukrainian visas. The main document for receiving them is an invitation to Ukraine for citizens of China, which can be obtained from government agencies, but in this case the receiving party has to apply. But our company can help with obtaining it to any client, and in this case it will not be necessary to go to government agencies and go through the entire bureaucracy.
In addition to visa invitations, they also require a form, which the Embassy recommends filling out online. If this cannot be done, then a written application form is provided, but it is important to remember that corrections cannot be made. So, still need to provide an insurance policy, a valid passport and documents from the bank.

Types of invitations

Since the invitation is the main document, the importance of its design is now becoming relevant. Most often, customers contact us for a business, tourist or guest invitation.

Invitation to visit

A private invitation for citizens of China is necessary for those applicants who plan to visit their loved ones. Such a document can be issued for a visa for a month, three or even six months.

Invitation for a tourist trip

Quite often, the Chinese come to Ukraine on vacation, in which case they need to get a tourist visa and the same type of invitation. Tourist invitation for Chinese citizens or in simple words a voucher in our company can be issued in a few days.

Invitation for business

Business invitations for Chinese citizens are usually sent by legal entities from the Ukrainian side. If there is no such possibility, then our staff will help prepare all the necessary papers for its receipt or will be engaged in registration.


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