Visa to Ukraine for Egyptian citizens and types of invitations required

10.10.2018, 18:10
Visa to Ukraine for Egyptian citizens and types of invitations required

A visa to Ukraine for Egyptian citizens is a legal permission to cross the Ukrainian border, issued only by authorized bodies, in particular, by the Ukrainian Embassy or other diplomatic institutions. You can issue such a sanction only on the basis of one type of invitation, which you can easily get from us. Now the design of the invitation is an important issue, so the popularity of the company is gaining the type of ours.

Package of documents

Ukrainian visas for residents of Egypt are issued at the Embassy only on the basis of certain documents, among which the key role is played by the invitation. This document proves the intentions of the Egyptians to travel to the Ukrainian territory, and first of all shows the purpose of crossing the border. Depending on this factor (the purpose of the trip), the type of invitation is determined.
In addition to the main document, you should also provide a completed visa application form. The Embassy of Ukraine recommends that Egyptian residents fill out an online form; this function is available on the website of this diplomatic institution. To a certain extent, this will speed up the processing of documents and, accordingly, obtaining visa authorization. If the applicant cannot cope with this, then our staff will help you with such a question without any problems, because they already have vast experience in the design of not only personal forms, but also all documents for applying for visas.
In addition to invitations and application forms, Egyptians will be asked to provide an insurance policy, a valid passport, a photograph and bank documents.

Types of Visa Invitations

Not all invitations are suitable for a specific type of visa. Each type of Ukrainian visa authorization requires a specific document. Among the Egyptians, the three most common are tourist, guest, and business.
You can make them in different ways, for example, if there is a desire to invite a citizen of Egypt to visit you, then you can go to the Migration Service.
But the simplest thing is to contact a private visa company like ours. We can assist in the preparation of documents for one of the types of invitations, because for its production also need to provide certain papers. So much time is saved.

Invitation for Egyptians to business

Recently, Ukrainian legal entities are inviting Egyptian citizens for business purposes. To do this, they send them special documents, in particular, a business invitation for Egyptian citizens, which can be obtained from our company. It is necessary for foreigners to obtain the same type of visa and for legal border crossing. Based on it, you can get a one-time visa or a sanction for frequent trips for a month, three or even half a year.

Invitation for tourist travel

Many Egyptians go to Ukraine on vacation or simply open a tourist visa to enter the territory of this country, and then they apply for a residence permit. Such a sanction can be obtained only on the basis of a voucher or in simple words of a tourist invitation for Egyptian citizens, where the list of tourist-type services will be indicated, which the Egyptian will use during his stay in Ukraine. You can get it at a travel agency or even in our company.

Invitation to visit

Often, Ukrainian citizens marry representatives of Egypt. In this case, the question arises of a guest visa for these foreigners, so that they have the opportunity to visit brides. But even so, the Egyptians often travel to the territory of Ukraine to their friends and relatives. To open a guest visa you need a private invitation for Egyptian citizens.


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