Visa to Ukraine for Iranian citizens and its successful receipt

03.12.2018, 12:12
Visa to Ukraine for Iranian citizens and its successful receipt

Visa to Ukraine for Iranian citizens has become a prerequisite for free, unimpeded entry of Iranians after independence by the Ukrainian state. In simple terms, this is a kind of permission to cross the border.
But in addition, you should always remember that the presence of a visa sticker in the passport does not guarantee that the border guard will miss in Ukraine. It is necessary to adhere to other rules.
As for the visa, you can get it both on the territory of the country where the foreigner lives, that is, Iran, and in Ukraine, if he already has a valid sanction, he just wants to continue it. In the first case, it is necessary to contact the Embassy of Ukraine, and in the second - the Migration Service (it is in every regional center).
In any organization or on the extension of a visa, or opening, you must always provide a certain set of documents. They are proof of the intentions of the Iranians.

Package of documents

In accordance with the purposes of entry, the type of Ukrainian visa and the package of necessary documents is formed. All, of course, individually, no one is immune from the fact that at some point a Ukrainian diplomat or someone who will consider these papers will not ask for additional information to be conveyed. However, there are those positions that are similar for all categories.

Whatever foreigners apply for a visa, you should always prepare:

1. A questionnaire where passport information, personal, contact details are entered neatly, without corrections. It should contain all the information regarding the applicant, his travels to Ukraine.
2. Photos. They need to be done by a professional photographer, there must be a white background, you can clearly see the face. And the main condition - the photo must be no older than six months. To do them for a long time before departure is not recommended.
3. Insurance policy traveling abroad. The insurance company must be accredited at the Embassy of Ukraine.
4. Invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Iran as the main evidence of the need to open a visa and travel. There may be bits of different types of this document.
5. A neat, whole international passport, where there are at least two free pages.
If a resident of Iran cannot cope with the preparation of the necessary papers, then it is worthwhile to turn to intermediary companies of the visa format according to our type. We will be able to issue an invitation in a relatively short time, prepare a questionnaire and copies, that is, we will do everything for you to quickly receive a Ukrainian visa.

Types of invitations for Iranian citizens

The process of applying for a Ukrainian visa primarily involves preparing an invitation of the appropriate type. A view is determined based on the purpose of entry. For example, if an Iranian needs to go to Ukraine to study, then a visa is opened for him on the basis of an invitation from a university or educational institution of another rank. If we talk about the most popular types of invitations for today, then this is definitely tourist, guest and business.
Tourist invitation for Iranian citizens - a paper document, it is often called a voucher, which contains a list of tourist services that will be provided to a foreigner in the Ukrainian territory. You can follow him to travel agencies, or you can come to us. We can book, prepare everything to receive it.

A private invitation for Iranian citizens is filed by foreigners for a future visitor visa to visit their relatives or friends. On its basis, you can get a multiple or single entry visa.
Well, another popular type is a business invitation for Iranian citizens, giving the right to receive a business visa in order to meet with Ukrainian businessmen.


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