Visa to Ukraine for Iranian citizens as a way to legally cross the border

10.11.2018, 12:11
Visa to Ukraine for Iranian citizens as a way to legally cross the border

Visa to Ukraine for Iranian citizens - a special stamp that the Embassy or other authorized body puts in a foreign passport of a foreigner after viewing a certain set of documents, which in turn were provided by the applicant. This stamp has legal force and gives the right to its owner to cross the border in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation in the field of international relations with other countries. A visa regime has been established between Ukraine and Iran, so citizens of this Asian country must first apply for, obtain a visa permit, and then go to Ukraine. Otherwise, that is, in the absence of this sanction, entry will be denied.

Required papers for visa

The visa permit in the first place needs the preparation of an appropriate package of documents. Among the papers that are required at the Embassy, ​​it is worth highlighting:

1. Questionnaire, which can be filled in two ways - online or by hand, the main thing is to be attentive during this process. If this task is difficult, then we are ready to take on this work, quickly and without errors fill in the questionnaire form.
2. Photos that must be fresh and high quality.
3. Insurance.
4. Passport with free pages, where in the future they will put a visa stamp.
5. Invitation to Ukraine for Iranian citizens - a mandatory document, which is sent to the applicant by the receiving party.
6. Other documents depending on the category of visa, the requirements of the diplomatic body or the visa situation itself.

An invitation for visa

As already noted, the obligatory document that the applicant receives from Ukraine is an invitation. It is key, therefore, requires a separate design. This is the way to get this document for a reason, because its preparation also requires the collection and submission of documents to the authorities authorized for such a document. Our company prepares invitations for foreigners from different countries in a short time. We have been working with documents for Ukrainian visas for a long time, so we know all the nuances, we do everything quickly.
The invitation looks like a regular paper document. You can get it at the Migration Service of Ukraine, various local departments, or you can use the services of private visa companies like ours.

Invitation types and design process

The type of invitation is quite simple to determine, and for this you need only to announce the purpose of the trip. For example, if a trip to a sporting event, then there should be a sporting invitation, a private one to visit, and a working one to work.
Tourist, guest and business invitations are popular among applicants from Iran.
Tourist invitation for Iranian citizens gives you the opportunity to receive a visa to travel in the future. In most cases, such permits are issued to foreigners for a one-time trip, but you can also apply for multiple entries. You can get it from us or at a travel agency.
Private invitation for Iranian citizens - a document issued by the Migration Service, which is required for processing a guest visa so that a foreigner has the right to come to visit friends or relatives. On the basis of it often give multiple visas. The Migration Service receiving party must bring a number of additional documents. If you or your relatives, friends do not have time to do this, then it is worth going to us. Having a lot of experience, we will quickly arrange this type of invitation.
Well, a business invitation for Iranian citizens should be given to those applicants who are planning to get a business visa and travel around the business. This is typical for Iranians, because they often cooperate with Ukrainian companies. We will also help with its receipt.


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