Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Ghana and the procedure for obtaining it

11.11.2018, 01:11
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Ghana and the procedure for obtaining it

A visa to Ukraine for citizens of Ghana is issued for the legal passage of the border of the Ukrainian state by these foreigners. It also provides an opportunity to stay within its limits for a certain time, which is important for residents of this African country.
You can issue such a sanction through the Embassy of Ukraine in the applicant's country of residence, because only this diplomatic service received such a right in accordance with the law. But many foreigners already live in Ukraine and need to continue such a residence permit. This can be done through the Migration Service. Any process of registration either abroad or on the Ukrainian territory needs the preparation of a specific list of documents. Many foreign citizens simply do not have the opportunity or the time to find everything they need, to fill in all forms and the like. Here, in this case, private companies of our type go to help. This is very cool, because you can save time, come to us, and we will quickly do everything. The main thing is to tell in detail about the purpose of the trip or the continuation of the visa sanction.

Types of visas and invitations

Many foreigners, including citizens of Ghana, come to Ukraine to study. Ukrainian universities open their doors to these foreigners. But no less than these residents cross the border for the purpose of doing business, visiting someone from Ukrainian citizens or compatriots who already have an open visa or residence permit, or simply for tourist purposes.
So, depending on the purpose of the trip, there are types of visas and, accordingly, the types of invitations that they require for their opening.
But do not forget that an invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Ghana is a mandatory document, the presence of which guarantees to a certain extent the receipt of a Ukrainian visa.

Guest Visa Invitation

A Ukrainian visa to visit will open to a foreign applicant who has taken care of issuing a private invitation for the citizens of Ghana. It, as a rule, is made through the Migration Service, and the citizens of Ukraine have to do this, because they are waiting for foreign guests. But, if there is no time to prepare documents for the Migration Service or simply this does not work, then you can contact us. Our visa company is ready to issue invitations for a short time so that the client can quickly get a visa.

Business Visa Invitation

A business invitation for the citizens of Ghana enables its owner to bother about opening a business visa. It is issued in turn for business travel, for example, for negotiating with Ukrainian private entrepreneurs, representatives of large companies, for injecting various investments.

Invitation to a tourist visa

Tourist invitation for citizens of Ghana need foreigners to open a tourist visa or for a one-time trip, or for frequent visits to Ukraine. Quite often, residents of this African country need such a visa for a one-time border crossing. They enter there, stay in Ukraine and apply for a residence permit in order to work or study.

Other documents for visa

In addition to invitations to any type of Ukrainian visa, you must provide:

1. Application form, which is desirable to fill in online mode on the website of the Embassy. You can also by hand, but you should be very attentive. If you can not cope, then we will help.
2. Photos of the passport format.
3. Passport with blank pages.
4. Documents on the monetary status of the applicant.
5. Accident insurance on the territory of Ukraine.

If for someone the problem is the preparation of all this, then you should not hesitate, but go to us for the decoration of everything you need.


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