Visa to Ukraine for citizens of India and a package of necessary documents

11.10.2018, 15:10
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of India and a package of necessary documents

A visa to Ukraine for citizens of India is a permit issued by the Embassy for the legal crossing of the Ukrainian border by representatives of this Asian country and to stay there for a certain number of days. Such permission can only be obtained on the basis of a well-defined list of documents, with the preparation of which our staff will easily help.

Batch of required papers

An important point in obtaining a Ukrainian visa by representatives of India is the preparation of the necessary papers, among which it is worth highlighting:
1. Application form, which is filled in online at the Embassy website, or in some cases printed is permitted. But it is worth noting that corrections are not allowed, especially in the first paragraphs.
2. Photos with a format of 3.5x4.5 cm.
3. * Invitation to Ukraine for citizens of India * depending on the type of visa.
4. Passport document that meets the requirements of the Embassy and is not damaged.
5. Medical insurance policy.
6. Documents as evidence of sufficient financial security during a trip to Ukraine.

Types of visas

Ukrainian visas for citizens of India are divided into:
1. Transit that are issued on the basis of confirmation of transit passage (tickets, documents for the carriage of cargo, a visa of another country, if required).
2. Short-term, which are issued on the basis of various types of invitations from individuals, legal, various organizations. As a rule, these are visas for trips to visit, for business meetings, for tourist recreation.
3. Long-term, which may be obtained by citizens of India on the basis of a work permit or immigration, which is issued by the Migration Service. Often, such sanctions are given to refugees or their families.

Types of invitations for short-term visas

Most often, residents of India are discovering short-term visas, so the issue of issuing an invitation for submission becomes urgent.
Our company helps in obtaining all the necessary types of invitations - tourist, business, guest and the like.

Invitation to tourism

Tourist invitation for Indian citizens need applicants to obtain a tourist visa. This is a kind of voucher, which contains information about the upcoming tourist trip, a list of places that a tourist plans to visit, a place to live in Ukraine, and the like. These types of invitations are often made in travel companies, however, private companies such as ours can also help with the solution of the problem of its receipt.

Invitation to visit

A private invitation for Indian citizens, as a rule, is issued by our employees for clients who are planning to travel to Ukrainian territory to meet with relatives and friends. On the basis of such a document, you can get a visa for frequent trips or one-time. It all depends on the applicant, and from the host country.

Invitation to business

A business invitation for Indian citizens is issued to those applicants who plan to go to Ukraine to conduct business negotiations with Ukrainian businessmen. Quite often it is sent by the receiving party, but if there is a need, our company will help you with its manufacture without any problems.

Cost and production time

Most Ukrainian visas for citizens of India are made about two weeks. In some cases, if the applicant provides proof of an urgent departure, they issue a passport with a ready-made visa in a few days, but in this case you will have to pay double the consular fee.
As for payment, the largest amount is paid for a multiple entry visa, and the lowest - for a one-time visa.


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