Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Iraq: methods and rules of registration

02.12.2018, 18:12
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Iraq: methods and rules of registration

A visa to Ukraine for citizens of Iraq and guaranteed to receive it through the Embassy are those questions that are often addressed to us by the inhabitants of this Arab country. Applicants who plan to cross the border of Ukraine in the near future must first apply for a visa, and then plan a trip.
The visa is a stamp, a sticker on one page in the passport, which shows the basic data - the name and surname, the specific corridor, the number of days that a foreigner is allowed to stay.

Core Pack

Having documents in hand, getting a visa permit is very simple. There is a task - to prepare everything you need. Quite often for foreign applicants, this becomes a problem, one whose solution is worth considering, and, most importantly, spending a lot of time and nerves. Therefore, we provide our services so that the people of Iraq can go about their business, and not waste their energy on preparing papers. Our company has long been engaged in the design of all necessary for Ukrainian visas. Having experience in this matter, our managers will fill out forms, prepare copies, and the like.

So, to obtain a visa permit, an Iraqi citizen must submit to the diplomatic body the following:

1. An application form where you should enter all the important information about your future trip to the territory of Ukraine. Correction should not be done, everything should be neat.
2. Photos corresponding to the passport format and made a maximum of six months before the submission of documents.
3. Insurance policy of the company accredited in the diplomatic Ukrainian bodies for the entire number of days.
4. Foreign passport, where there are free pages, at least two. This document should also be neat, intact.
5. The specific type of invitation that is required for a specific type of visa authorization.
6. Inquiries from the bank that they submit as evidence of the financial ability of an Iraqi citizen to cover expenses and the like.
Other documents may also be required by the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​cases are considered individually.

Types of invitations

Any Ukrainian visa is divided into several types. They are simply defined - the purpose of the trip is the main factor. The same goes for invitations. Their view is tied to the type of visa, to the goal of crossing the border. For example, if an Iraqi resident goes to study, then he needs a visa and, accordingly, an invitation from the university he has entered. And according to this principle, the types of visas and invitations to Ukraine for citizens of Iraq are further determined.
Today, the most relevant - travel, private and business.

Invitation for tourism

Tourist invitation for Iraqi citizens is needed for those foreign applicants who plan to open a one-time or multiple-entry tourist visa for themselves when submitting the required documents.
Issue them in various travel agencies. You can also issue such a document with us. We will quickly prepare a voucher, book accommodation in Ukraine, other excursion programs, that is all that is required.

Invitation to visit relatives or friends

Private invitation for Iraqi citizens - a necessary document for obtaining a guest Ukrainian visa. On the basis of it, you can issue both multiple and one-time visa authorization, depending on what is indicated in the text of the invitation. Make it through the Migration Service in Ukraine. We can make it in a fairly short time.

Business Travel Invitation

A business invitation for Iraqi citizens provides an opportunity at the Embassy or other diplomatic body to obtain a business visa for a one-time or frequent trip.


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