Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Jordan and the process of its execution

10.11.2018, 12:11
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Jordan and the process of its execution

A visa to Ukraine for citizens of Jordan is opened for these applicants only after they have submitted a full package of documents to the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​located in the capital of Jordan - in Amman. If there is a need, then the Ukrainian visa itself can be extended on the territory of Ukraine, you should simply contact the relevant authorities. But in this case, too, it is necessary to prepare certain documents with which private firms like ours will help. We will issue all the necessary papers without any problems, including one type of invitation, which is mandatory for obtaining visa authorization. In general, a Ukrainian visa for Jordanians is an opportunity for a free and at the same time legal border crossing, because Ukraine and Jordan have a visa regime and a visa is a prerequisite for entry.

The process of registration

Visa permission for Jordanians is issued a certain period of time, and for this you need to go through a few simple steps:

1. Collection of documents.
2. Their submission.
3. Payment for consular services
4. Waiting for the result.
So, the package of documents for a visa is quite complicated. In addition to the invitation, it includes a questionnaire that it is desirable to fill in online at the Embassy website, photographs, documents on the availability of funds, passports, and more. Many applicants simply find it difficult to cope with the preparation of all of this, and therefore various intermediary companies are gaining popularity. For example, we will issue an invitation in a short time, help with filling out a questionnaire, because it requires attention and concentration and everything else that will be necessary.
The application for a visa takes place in the appropriate migration or diplomatic body. You can do this on your own or also through us; most diplomatic services allow intermediary companies like ours to apply for applicants.
Payment for the services of the Embassy should be made necessarily. It is up to the consular office to do this before or after the filing of the papers. Most asked to attach a receipt to the documents. The cost of a visa permit depends on its category - the most expensive is multiple, and the cheapest is in turn one-time.
Waiting for the result does not last long. As a rule, it takes two weeks to make a visa.


Without a doubt, fill out a form or make a photo quite simply. But not only residents of Jordan, but also Ukraine often think about the design of the invitation, because they are waiting for a visit, for a business meeting and with other goals of these foreigners.
An invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Jordan we are to arrange quickly enough, all that is needed from the applicants is to contact us and explain the whole situation. After all, much depends on the purpose of travel of foreigners, in particular, the type of invitation. There are many types, but the most popular among foreigners are - for trips to visit, for business meetings and for tourism.

Invitation to visit

Private invitation for citizens of Jordan is issued for opening a guest visa for frequent travel or one-time. You can get it in the Migration Service, preparing documents as well, or through our company - we will do everything quickly and without extra time and effort.

Invitation to tourism

To go on holiday to Ukraine and to discover a tourist visa you need a tourist invitation for the citizens of Jordan. Quite often, foreigners open this type of visa just for entry into Ukraine, and then they get a job or study there and apply for a residence.

Invitation for business

Business invitation for the citizens of Jordan needed for registration at the Embassy business visa. Such a sanction is issued so that a foreigner can go to business meetings with Ukrainians and the like.


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