Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Nepal and features of obtaining

19.06.2019, 00:06
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Nepal and features of obtaining
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Nepal - special permission to cross the Ukrainian border, issued by the diplomatic services after the provision of a number of necessary papers. It has the form of a sticker in the passport and contains all the information that is needed for identification at the border. In particular, it indicates the period, the number of days that a foreigner may be on the territory of Ukraine, the signature and other data of the official who issued the decision, and the like.
Visa is about two to three weeks.
How to get a visa to Ukraine
Citizens of Nepal, in order to obtain permission to enter Ukraine, must compile a package of documents. Papers that are required by Ukrainian legislation, is a kind of confirmation of the purpose of the trip and prove the intentions of foreigners to come to Ukraine.
In particular, provide the following:
1. Visa application form, where all information about the upcoming trip to Ukraine is accurately entered. It can be completed by hand or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Reliability is important here.
2. Photos that are made not long before the submission of papers and correspond to the format 3x4. It is also important that the applicant be photographed without hats, a large amount of jewelry and other things, if it is not required by religious affiliation.
3. Clean, neat passport with free pages, valid.
4. Medical insurance, which includes the entire territory of Ukraine without exception. Here the important point is that the insurance company must be accredited in the Ukrainian embassy.
5. Invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Nepal. This is the most important document, because on the basis of it and the decision to issue an entry permit.
6. Additional documents, either at the request of the foreign applicant, or at the request of a particular diplomatic body. For example, it is often asked to deliver a certificate from a bank where a specific amount is indicated to cover expenses during the trip, or proof of family ties with those to whom they go and the like.
At first this list will seem simple and not very voluminous, but still a lot of time is needed to prepare it all. Often there is not enough power, opportunity or time to do everything. Therefore, our company is ready to provide qualified advice and assistance in solving problems with finding the necessary documents. Having experience in such work, we will in a short time prepare all the papers so that you quickly get permission to enter Ukraine.
Invitation to visa to Ukraine
Foreigners come to Ukraine with different goals. Mostly they go to Ukraine to visit - to get married, to visit relatives of both Ukrainians and citizens of other countries living there legally. In this case, you need to discover a private visa and accordingly prepare a guest invitation. It can easily be sent by the receiving party from Ukraine, but, as a rule, a lot of money and time is spent on its design, so it’s easier to contact us. In a short time we will prepare a private invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Nepal so that the desired visa will soon be in hand.
Recently, the number of visitors for business purposes has increased. In this case, all those who need it should apply for a business visa and, accordingly, need all the paperwork. We also quickly arrange a business invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Nepal. Based on it, you can apply for a business visa both for a short term and for a long stay.
The top three most popular visas and, accordingly, invitations among Nepal citizens are tourist. Of course, it is issued for a short time (from one to two months) and with the possibility of one or two entries, but foreigners are tempted by the simplicity of its design. To obtain such permission, you need a tourist invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Nepal. In simple words, in order to receive this type of visa, you need to submit a tourist voucher from a officially registered tourist operator. We will quickly and efficiently make this document for you so that you will soon be able to go to Ukraine for a holiday.

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