Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Saudi Arabia: documents, stages of registration

03.11.2018, 11:11
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Saudi Arabia: documents, stages of registration

Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Saudi Arabia is a legal permit for representatives of this country to enter the Ukrainian territory for a specific purpose and an appropriate number of days. You can get it in the diplomatic services located in the country of residence of these applicants. If there is a need to simply extend the period of validity of a Ukrainian visa while staying within Ukraine, this can be done through various migration authorities or through private visa agencies of our type. We will help to collect documents, and, most importantly, we will issue an invitation, without which obtaining a visa permit is simply impossible.

Package of documents

Specifically, it is very difficult to say exactly which documents a Saudi citizen needs to be carried to the Embassy in order to successfully obtain a visa. After all, everything depends on the situation, it is worth contacting us, telling everything that is needed. In this case, correct advice and, of course, assistance will be provided.

But there are those positions that are common to all types of Ukrainian visas. In this case, the people of Saudi Arabia must provide:

1. Questionnaire. Quite often, the Embassy of Ukraine recommends that foreigners fill it in online, because to a certain extent this will speed up the processing of data for diplomats. If this is not possible, we can help. Accept and hand-written forms, you just should not make a mistake when filling out.
2. Photos of the passport format, where the applicant's face is clearly visible. This is important, because then the border guards will need to identify the owner of the visa at the border.
3. Medical insurance traveling abroad.
4. Invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Saudi Arabia of appropriate size and type, which depends primarily on the purpose of opening a visa and the trip itself.
5. Other documents, in particular, certificates from the bank on the availability of funds either from the applicant, or from the receiving party, and so on.
6. A neat foreign passport with free pages, where the Ukrainian visa will be glued in as a result.

Ways of registration

You can prepare the documents yourself, spending time preparing everything in accordance with the requirements. But now popular among foreigners are appeals to private institutions for help. For example, we are ready to issue an invitation of the desired type, medical insurance, carefully fill out a questionnaire, etc., so that applicants can quickly and without problems get a Ukrainian visa or continue an existing one.

Types of invitations and their design

The most popular among the representatives of Saudi Arabia is a tourist, a visit and a business invitation. It is for them that foreigners often come to us. And this is not surprising, because it is these three areas and the most relevant.
So, the majority of invitations are issued in Ukraine by the receiving parties, referring in advance to the Migration Service at the place of residence or residence. But now you should not think about it, you can come to us, and we will issue you the necessary type of this document.
Tourist invitation for Saudi citizens is made the fastest, because it does not require a large amount of documents for registration. One has only to wait for confirmation of booking travel services from an operator in Ukraine.
A private invitation for citizens of Saudi Arabia allows foreigners to receive the same category of Ukrainian visa and legally visit their acquaintances or relatives.
A business invitation for citizens of Saudi Arabia we can quickly arrange for foreign applicants to receive a business Ukrainian visa.


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