Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Tunisia and all the necessary papers

02.11.2018, 16:11
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Tunisia and all the necessary papers

Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Tunisia is a mandatory requirement from the Ukrainian legislation for residents of this African country regarding border crossing. That is, everyone who wants to be a citizen of Tunisia, before arriving at the customs at the border with Ukraine, must first apply for a visa sanction. You can get it at the diplomatic services of Ukraine in Tunisia, that is, at the Embassy on the basis of previously prepared documents. You can extend an existing Ukrainian visa, of course, on the territory of Ukraine. But you also need to prepare certain documents. Nowadays, visa companies of our type are gaining much popularity, where they help with all this.

Package of documents

Residents of Tunisia that have already planned a trip to Ukraine, in any case, must prepare the necessary list of documents in order to successfully obtain a Ukrainian visa. The number of such papers may vary significantly depending on the type of visa visa itself and the purpose of crossing the border by a citizen of Tunisia. But there is something that unites them, that is, it will be required regardless of the purposes of the applicant. In particular:
1. Application form, which can be filled in online or by hand. The main thing is not to make mistakes and corrections.
2. Photos that are relevant, that is, made shortly before the submission of documents.
3. An invitation of the appropriate size and type.
4. Medical insurance.
5. Documents certifying the financial ability of an alien to cover their expenses.
6. Passport with free pages.
Many applicants face problems while preparing documents. For someone to fill in the correct form is very difficult, but for someone to prepare documents from the bank.
But most often, citizens of Tunisia are faced with the issue of the necessary type of invitation on the way to obtaining a visa permit. Then come to the aid of private firms of our type. We will easily and quickly prepare all the documents, issue the type of invitation that the Ukrainian Embassy requires of you. In this case, it will not be necessary to run through migration structures, various state bodies of Ukraine, to waste time.

The most current types of invitations

Invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Tunisia - a document entitling a foreigner to apply for a visa. Therefore, the design of this document becomes not only popular, it is very relevant.
The type of invitation primarily depends on the purpose that the foreigner pursues when crossing the border.
The most common among Tunisians are the following types of invitations:
1. Tourist.
2. Private.
3. Business.

Invitation to tourism

Tourist invitation for citizens of Tunisia is the basis for opening the same type of Ukrainian visa. We can arrange it in a short time, because the main thing in this case is to wait for confirmation of the booking of accommodation in Ukrainian hotels.

Invitation to visit

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of Tunisians who cross the Ukrainian border to visit friends and relatives. In this case, they need a guest visa. And it can be obtained on the basis of a private invitation for the citizens of Tunisia. Such a document can be obtained by collecting documents in the Migration Service. But we are ready to help, just turn to our specialists.

Invitation for business

Many residents of Tunisia conduct business in Ukraine or simply cooperate with Ukrainian private entrepreneurs, large firms. To come, they must open a business visa. And this can be done only on the basis of business invitation for citizens of Tunisia. You can get it through the migration structures, but why bother if you can just contact us.


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