Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen and the process of obtaining

19.06.2019, 01:06
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen and the process of obtaining
A visa to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen is the official permission issued by diplomatic bodies to cross the border, which can only be obtained on the basis of a mandatory list of documents. The process of registration of such a sanction takes from several days to a month or longer. If you need to get a visa in a short time, then you should contact us. Having extensive experience in the processing of documents for any type of Ukrainian visas, we will quickly prepare the papers so that you can submit them successfully and pass the interview if necessary.
Documents for visa
Ukrainian visas of any type are issued only on the basis of a specific list of documents, which in turn bring the purpose of the trip and the intentions of foreign applicants. The list of necessary include the following:
1. An application form that is filled out neatly by hand or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is important to enter all the data clearly, the information must be accurate.
2. Passport with free pages (not one, but more). This passport document must be neat, clean, and most importantly - valid not only during your stay in Ukraine, but also upon returning home.
3. Photos corresponding to the passport format (size 3x4). They should be done a few days before the paper is submitted (the requirement of the Embassy is not older than six months), so that they match the appearance of the applicant. You also can not submit photos with corners, you should be photographed without hats and a large number of jewelry, unless otherwise prohibited by internal laws and religious features.
4. Invitation of a specific type, which depends on the purpose of the trip.
Each case is considered by Ukrainian diplomats individually, that is, there may be questions about certain documents. Also, sometimes applicants are asked to convey documents, in particular, certificates from the bank about the availability of funds for the trip itself, proof of family relationship with Ukrainians or the same foreigners who legally live in Ukraine and the like.
If this list of documents seemed complicated and unaffordable, our company is always ready to help. Having extensive experience in the design of papers for all types of visas, we will quickly examine the situation, prepare everything you need, so that you get permission to enter in a short time.
Visa Invitation
The key document in the list required for any type of Ukrainian visa is an invitation. Without it, no one will receive permission to enter, never cross the border, that is, this document is proof of the intentions of foreigners to travel to Ukraine. In most cases, the Ukrainian Embassies require the original of this document with a wet seal, signature, but there are exceptions when you can provide a fax or copy, but all this needs to be clarified on the spot.
An invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen is drawn up by our company. Taking into account all the requirements of the Ukrainian Consulate, we will quickly prepare you for any type of visa application. There are many types of invitations, it all depends on the purpose of travel of foreigners to the territory of Ukraine. However, the most popular not only among the citizens of Yemen, but also from other countries are tourist, guest and business.
Tourist invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen or in simple words the voucher allows the applicant to obtain a one-time visa for a month or two-time visa for the purpose of rest. It must be issued by an officially registered tour operator, otherwise there is a possibility that the issuance of a sanction will be denied.
A private invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen, which we also draw up, makes it possible to obtain a visa for a longer period with the possibility of multiple border crossings (stay no more than ninety days in half a year). Everything here depends on the text of the document itself and the decision of the Ukrainian Embassy.
Well, you can also get a business visa with one, two or even multiple entries based on a business invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Yemen. Such a document is sent to foreigners from the Ukrainian side, that is, from business partners. If there is no such possibility, then it is worth contacting us.

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