Visa to Ukraine for citizens of the UAE and the necessary documents for this

03.11.2018, 10:11
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of the UAE and the necessary documents for this

Visa to Ukraine for UAE citizens is the main condition for the free crossing of the Ukrainian border by representatives of this country. The presence of a visa sticker in the passport is obligatory, otherwise such person faces deportation and return back to the country of residence.
You can get permission to enter only in the diplomatic services. To do this, you should prepare the necessary documents and go through several stages. And this can already be done with the help of various intermediaries. Among them, our company, we provide services in the preparation of documents for obtaining any category of Ukrainian visas for residents of the UAE.

Stages of registration

In order to open a visa permit for crossing the border, representatives of the UAE need to prepare the necessary list of documents. This is the first stage.
The second stage is to submit them to the relevant authorities, which include embassies or consulates located in the territory of residence of foreign citizens, in this case the United Arab Emirates.
The third stage is the payment of the so-called consular fee. The size depends on the type of visa requested by the applicant. In particular, multiple openings are available for opening, which will be the most expensive, double or cheap and not profitable in terms of the number of entries - a single entry visa. Each applicant personally chooses which visa to apply for, based on his own financial possibilities.
The next fourth step is to wait for the result. As a rule, a visa is ready for issuance in two weeks. But there is also the possibility to arrange an express for yourself for double payment of the consular fee. Also provide additional and written confirmation of urgent departure. If there are problems with the provision of this confirmation, then we can help with the preparation of everything necessary so that you quickly get a passport with a visa.

Package of documents

The main process in this process is the preparation of necessary documents, in particular, invitations. Now you can not do it yourself, because you can simply contact us. Our visa company is ready to collect everything you need, fill out a form, help with the manufacture of any type of invitation. That is, you do not need to spend time searching for papers, but simply contact the visa manager, and in a few days everything will be ready.

Among the main documents worth noting:

1. Application form, which can be filled in two ways - online on the Embassy website or by hand, but most importantly, do not make a mistake.
2. Photos of the passport format.
3. A neat passport for traveling abroad, where there are free pages.
4. Medical insurance.
5. Invitation of the required type. This document can be produced through the Migration Authorities in Ukraine or through our service. * Invitation to Ukraine for UAE citizens * - the main document.
6. Other additional documents that attest to the ability to financially secure your journey.

Types of invitations

As you know, the most important role in the design of a visa is the type of invitation. To determine exactly what is needed for the manufacture of a visa, is quite simple. The main thing is to know in this case what the purpose of the trip to Ukraine will be.
The most popular, as practice shows, are:
1. Tourist invitation for the citizens of the UAE, which is issued to those applicants who want to go on holiday to Ukraine.
2. For trips on a visit, that is the private invitation for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. It can also be obtained through our company, because we will efficiently prepare documents to the Migration Service so that applicants can quickly obtain a visa permit.
3. Business invitation for UAE citizens for traveling to Ukraine for business meetings.


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