Step 1 of 5. Ukraine entry visa: Information and necessary documents

Ukraine Visa is official resolution on entry with definition of the period throughout which a foreigner can stay in the territory of the country. This document has some extents of protection against fakes documents: sticker in passport with holographic and water signs and press with a serial number. Also passport's data of the person and his period of legal being in the country (in other words - term of permission's validity) are specified in visa.



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What information are specified in a Ukrainian entry visa


Authenticity of the document is reflected by 13 obligatory points:


  1. Place where it were registered.
  2. The date of beginning.
  3. The last day of it's action.
  4. The number.
  5. Marking about number of entrances: "1", "2" or "m" (repeatedly).
  6. Type of the given-out permission.
  7. Surname.
  8. First name.
  9. Number of passport
  10. Sex.
  11. Date of birth.
  12. Nationality.
  13. Data on an inviting side.

How to get a Ukraine entry visa

For getting visa to Ukraine you must fill this items:

  1. To detect necessary type of approving document.
  2. To get invitation to Ukraine.
  3. To ask requirements of embassy which is located in your country.
  4. To collect full list of required documents.
  5. To register on interview in Embassy/Consulate.
  6. To pay the sum of a consular fee.
  7. To verify the specified data in received visa with the regarding accuracy.

If you need to get visa in Ukraine for studying or work, you must contact with Embassy or Consulate which are located more near to place where you live or work.



Ukrainian visa application information

The clients ask the same questions very often. That is why we have prepared answers on this questions:


  1. Type of visa and citizenship of the person determine its cost. The major pricing factor is the international agreement between your country and Ukraine. If the tourist changes his plans about coming to Ukraine, the consular fee will not come back.
  2. The term of permission's registration is 10 days. There is an opportunity quickly to issue (in 3 days), but then its cost increases
  3. To children who age under 16 years, whose data are entered in passports of the accompanying parents, separate invitation and visa aren't necessary. If children have own passport, then separate registration of each of the designated documents is necessary.
  4. The minors who traveling without parents must show their permission issued by notary.
  5. For people travelling by the cruise liner Ukrainian permission for staying isn't necessary if the vessel locate in port less than 72 hours.

For them who needs in Ukrainian visa there is official cite of Embassy. There you can find all information both in open access, and by official electronic inquiry.



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