Visa to Ukraine for foreigners and the process of its prompt receipt

26.02.2019, 23:02
Visa to Ukraine for foreigners and the process of its prompt receipt
Visa to Ukraine for foreigners  and the process of its quick receipt have always been topical issues among residents of other countries. Indeed, after gaining independence, this European country signed a number of visa agreements with a considerable number of states, first of all this concerns Africa and Asia. Therefore, in order to have the right to cross the Ukrainian border, you should first go to the diplomatic structure that is represented in the country of residence, file papers and wait for a decision from the Ukrainian consul. This is how the visa process looks in a few words.
How to make a Ukrainian visa
A visa to Ukraine is a real opportunity to arrive on the territory of this state and legally stay there for a certain number of days. It can be received only after submission of documents, among which the main ones are:
1. Application form, which is signed exclusively by the applicant.
2. Photos corresponding to the passport format and taken shortly before submission.
3. Passport with free pages. It must be neat, clean.
4. Insurance.
5. Invitation of the appropriate type.
6. Documents from the bank on the availability of funds and the like.
The Ukrainian consulate has the right to require any additional papers from the applicants if it is necessary to study the case in detail.
To be prepared for different situations, you should carefully read the list of documents, carefully prepare everything, based on international law. You can find all the information on registration without any problems on the our website.
Now the most common problem among foreign citizens is the process of preparing papers, because not everyone has the time, the opportunity to receive the same invitation, fill out the form carefully, issue an insurance policy that will meet the requirements. In this case, you should contact the private visa companies of our type, where you can get expert advice, necessary assistance, on our website you will find everything that interests you.
Types of Ukrainian visas and invitations
Determine which category of visa you need to make very easy. Types of Ukrainian visa are determined in accordance with several important points:
purpose of travel (on a visit, tourism, work, study, etc.);
the number of days of stay (short-term and long-term);
number of possible entries (single, double or multiple).
By defining priorities and you can find out what type of visa and apply to a diplomatic institution.
The type of invitation required to obtain a visa is also determined in accordance with the purpose of crossing the border. Everything is very simple: if you need to go on a visit, then they issue a guest invitation, in the case of work - a working visa and, accordingly, a request from the Ukrainian employer.
You can issue any type of invitation on the territory of Ukraine, as a rule, it is sent by the receiving party. All this takes time and, accordingly, the preparation of special documents. If there is no opportunity for this and strength too, you can contact our company, on the our website you can find the necessary information about this.
Cost and duration of registration
After submission of documents to diplomatic institutions, at least two weeks pass, and then a visa is issued. If a foreign applicant needs to get permission even faster, because there are different situations in life, we are ready to help with the solution of this problem. But there are two important points - it is necessary to provide documents on such an urgent departure and pay double the size of the consular fee.
A very topical issue in the process of issuing visas is the question how much does a visa to Ukraine cost.
The cost of a visa in the first place depends on the category of this sanction in accordance with the number of planned entries. The smallest amount is always paid by applicants who want to get permission only for a one-time trip. The future owners of a double-entry visa pay a little more. Well, the largest amount will have to pay in the case when you need multiple sanctions.


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