Visa to Ukraine for Congo and the process of obtaining

19.06.2019, 01:06
Visa to Ukraine for Congo and the process of obtaining
Visa to Ukraine for Congo citizens - official entry permit issued by the Embassy or other diplomatic service on the basis of a specific set of documents required by Ukrainian legislation. It looks like a sticker in the passport, which contains all the information about the future journey, in particular, the number of days, entries that the owner can carry out, passport data, signature, stamp of the relevant consular office and the like.
Basic documents
The visa sticker is issued to foreigners for a reason - you need to prepare the necessary package of documents, including the following items:
1. Visa application form, which is filled either online or by hand. Here accuracy, reliability of the data is important.
2. Photos that should format 3x4. You also need to submit photos without corners, hats and a large number of jewelry, unless, of course, otherwise provided by religious peculiarities and requirements.
3. Valid, accurate and with free, clean pages passport, where the visa itself will be placed.
3. Medical insurance against accidents that may arise during a trip to Ukraine.
4. Invitation of the required type, depending on the purpose of the trip to Ukraine.
5. Other papers, for example, documents from the bank, confirmation of a family connection, etc., at the request of the Embassy or the wishes of the applicant himself. Here everything is solved individually.
If this list is complex and unaffordable, then it is better to contact us for help. Qualified workers will advise, prepare all the papers before the filing and successful completion of the interview. Having a huge experience in processing documents for any type of Ukrainian visas, we will do everything quickly and efficiently.
An invitation for visa
The key document is undoubtedly the invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Congo. It is on the basis of it that the decision is made. Most diplomatic authorities are asked to provide the original of this document. There are some cases where you can submit a fax or copy, but it is worth to clarify on the spot.
Invitations are many types, it all depends on the purpose of the trip to Ukraine. The most popular among the residents of Congo are three - tourist, business and guest.
Tourist invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Congo gives you the opportunity to receive a single or double entry visa for the purpose of rest. Here the important point is that the voucher (it is so often called) must be issued by an officially registered tour operator in Ukraine, otherwise there is a possibility that it will not be accepted for consideration at the Embassy. Our company manufactures such documents, we are ready to quickly arrange for you a voucher according to all requirements.
A private invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Congo gives the right to receive both one-time and multi-visa, here everything depends on the text of the document itself and for how long the Ukrainian side invites. It is issued also with us.
We are preparing and a business invitation to Ukraine for the citizens of Congo, so that you can get a business visa in a short time and make a trip to the Ukrainian territory.
Date of issue and payment
Most Ukrainian visas are done in about two to three weeks. That is exactly the time it takes for diplomatic workers to decide whether to grant or refuse a visa. That is, sometimes the Ukrainian Embassies refuse to allow foreigners to give entry permits. Therefore, it is important to prepare paper with high quality, to give reliable information.
So, on the hands of applicants receive a visa through such a long time. There are cases when it is necessary to cross the border in the near future, there is no time to wait. Then you can apply for an urgent consideration of the case. But for this there must be concrete grounds. We are ready to help with the solution of this problem, we will prepare the necessary papers for the Ukrainian Consulate to quickly issue a visa.
Regarding the payment, it is carried out in American dollars. The procedure depends on the particular diplomatic body. A one-time visa will be cheaper, a two-time visa is a bit more expensive, but the biggest bag will have to be paid for a multi-visa.

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